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2015-07-13 02:32:31 / Author: p100
Hi there.

I havn't been playing LBP3 that much lately.
When i started the game today i noticed that ALOT and i mean ALOT of game progress is lost some how!
For instance i completede the full game but on the last planet i collected 0% of all collectebles, but when i enter te world where can select 1 level to start at, it shows that i have aced al lvl's and have even collected all collectbles on some lvl's!
Some lvl's even display the collect all collectebles bag/badge, but when i select the lvl it says that i have 0% collected, so... i aced the lvl, it show that i have all collecteble collected, but have 0% completion......
I know that i had the first 2 worlds 100% completed i collected everything and even aced all lvl's but the game tells me i have like 66% completed on each of thes planets (last time i played it said i had 100% completion)
A other example is a mini game on the last planet (where you need to dodge the crossair and shoot down these polse with swoop), after you get 5000 point you earn a costume wich i was alreadt wearing while playing the lvl!
So there seems to be something worng with save/progress data!

I know save games where broke when the game just came out but it supposed they where fixed (right ? at least that is waht patch 1.05 tells me......!).
So do i need AGAIN collect everything and ace every lvl again (which is a pain) or is there some way to get the data back !?
And does anyone else experiance the same problem !?

Thanks in advance!
2015-07-13 02:32:31
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2015-07-13 02:39:15 / Author: nerd_dog
i'm not sure about this.. hopefully someone else will be able to offer some advise
2015-07-13 02:39:15
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