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Hide certain layers (Inc all the detail) when needed in play mode.

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2015-01-02 15:29:00 / Author: dirtyyy
I'm trying to work out a way to hide certain layers so other layers can be clearly viewed while playing.

There is a lot of detail in each layer so to add the opacity to every item/piece is not ideal.

Also can you add one opacity tool to a whole area/creation instead of every piece.

I hope this makes sense.

2015-01-02 15:29:00
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2015-01-02 16:54:00 / Author: JellyBellyScout
Maybe see if there is a "rigid connections" option on the opacity tool. If there isn't one then you would have to put it on every part.
2015-01-02 16:54:00
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2015-01-02 21:36:00 / Author: Fox
Well, take a piece of hologram, make it big and thick enough to cover all the objects that you want to hide, tweak its brightness to zero (you can use sticker panel with 0% brightness and opacity, too), select the hologram or material you used w/ the popit cursor, hold the action button to glue it to the objects, add an opacity tweaker and turn on rigid connections, and whala! Problem solved! (Unfortunately, you'll have to make sure that no moving objects are stuck to the material) You can also be more specific while giving yourself a little more work by creating separate and smaller pieces of the material. Otherwise, there's really no way to hide any layers.
2015-01-02 21:36:00
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