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How do I make Oddsock fat?

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2015-01-17 01:52:00 / Author: Oddsock
Hello. LBP rocks. My daughter and I just love this game, and the newest installment is absolutely brilliant. She really loves OddSock.
We've been playing community levels (thank you!), and we found one called "Fat Oddsock", wherein the Oddsock that you change to, is HUGE. We tried "capturing the outfit", but when we create a new level and switch to that particular OddSock costume, he just has his normal size.
She really wants to know how to make characters (OddSock especially) huge. Any help or comments are most appreciated.

Thank you!
2015-01-17 01:52:00
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2015-01-17 03:01:00 / Author: CodemanPSX
I'm pretty sure it's a resized oddsock sackbot with the funny head size option enabled.
2015-01-17 03:01:00
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2015-01-17 04:44:00 / Author: nerd_dog
it may have been the glitch to make very large sackbots. i'm not sure how to recreate that glitch or where to find a glitched bot but maybe someone does.

2015-01-17 04:44:00
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2015-01-19 15:14:00 / Author: Elmustachio
it's probably resized. you can do that with all the sackthings.
2015-01-19 15:14:00
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