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Where is all my dlc?

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2014-12-28 23:38:00 / Author: Tynz21
Hello everyone!

Haven't been around so much lately with school and all but I just recently picked up a PS4 and LittleBIGPlanet 3. I got through story mode alright with just a few bugs, but now I'm wondering where my $100+ worth of DLC is at. There are a handful of packs that the game recognizes that I own, but the vast majority it does not. The crown DLC is also missing. Because of this I can't edit any of my old levels or wear my costume that I've worn for years, which is a bit irritating.

Anything I'm doing wrong? Anyone else had such an issue?
2014-12-28 23:38:00
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2014-12-29 00:08:00 / Author: Fox
There have been many reports of glitches on LBP3 PS4 involving DLC transfers. It's not just you. Some people said to use the LBP1 and LBP2 profile importing features to import DLC, but I can't confirm this.
2014-12-29 00:08:00
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2014-12-29 00:09:00 / Author: Fox
(You probably already did that, now that I've thought about it.)
2014-12-29 00:09:00
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