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Character tags and checkpoints

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2015-02-08 16:45:00 / Author: Darthvadre11
So I if I want players to use the same character but follow a different object, how would I do that?(like each player must go a different oddsock for example) And is there any way to spawn a character without using the checkpoints, and instead creating your own system?
2015-02-08 16:45:00
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2015-02-14 16:05:00 / Author: kubac2000
I don't know the best way to do this on LBP 3, since I barely play that game due to having a broken PS3, but I've spent on LBP 2 a lot of time, especially at the create mode, so I can teach you with one effective way to do a protagonists able to control in their own enviroment (custom spawning, targets)

So, I believe you can't do that with the broadcast microchip since it copies logic to all of it's selected entities (ex. players have the same logic). You need, as I said, to make your own enviroment for your protagonists and may not be simple but believe me, if you get it, should be easy.

First of, you have to make of course heroes to be played with. Sackbots will be useful for this one.

Take out Sackbot from the Tools Bag and place one somewhere. Go back and select Popit Cursor, hover it at Sackbot then press R1. This will open it's circut board. Now go to Tools Bag to select Controlinator. place it on a circut board then tweak it (hover it with Popit Cursor and press Square). Now change Remote Control to: Receiver. (sackbot will be controlled by the controlinator set as Transmitter, which I'm going to say about it later). There's also an option to replace Sackbot controls. If you want to have full control of the character as the Sackboy, Oddsock or whatever, you can leave this marked, but it you want your own controls, just unmark replace sackbot controls in controlinator and take another Controlinator with Remote Control: No, place on circut board of Sackbot, and plug from one controllinator to another buttons you wish to be controlled. (one with Receiver detects if you press a proper button. If you do, it will send a signal to the button (on the second controllinator) that is assigned to one of the character's behaviour by default (for ex. X to jump or R1 to grab).

Now, when Sackbot controls are ready, copy sackbots x times (x - amount of max players that can play. I'd suggest 4). Now if players have to play with the characters without any problems, you need to assign each character a color in the receiver controlinator that will match players' controllinators with an option "Remote Control: Transmitter". After that, it's your free time to customize these characters by tweaking them.

Ok so you've customized your characters. Now it's about time you're here for: "So I if I want players to use the same character but follow a different object, how would I do that?"

I don't know really if it's about each characters' quests or something like that, but if you want to make for example way that can be accesible only by one of the characters, it's simple.

First of, set Tag on Sackbots that cannot go that way. (you can label them for ex. way1) But it doesn't matter what label or color they have. Then at that way place any material that is not walkthroughable (You can't use for ex. Hologram or Sticker Panel) to block the way, take Microchip from Tools Bag, place it on that material. Now take Opacity Tweaker, place it on circuit board and set it to 0% to make it invisible. Then take Physics Tweaker from the tools bag and place it on a circuit board as well. Tweak it to "Collisions: Tagged Objects" and choose Tag color and label that have Sackbots. From there on only Sackbot who doesn't have the Tag, can go that way. For another way accesible by another character do the same steps, but make sure Tag is different than the first way.

Ok, that's almost everything. Now, players need Controlinators with "Remote Control: Transmitter" as I mentioned. These will take control of the character. I suggest to place them under the Entrance so people will sit automaticallly on the Controlinator after they spawn.

Choose the entrance with Popit Cursor and leave it on mid-air. Now place a Hologram or Sticker Panel under the Entrance. Put an Controlinator on it and set: "Remote Control:" to "Transmitter", "Automatically enter" to "Yes" and Now in it's circuit board place: 2 Followers, Selector and NO Gate. Go to your characters and give each of them different Tag. (you can label them" character" ) Not to err with the colors I recommend to set them as Controlinators. Go back to the Entrance, pause and do the following things:
Set Selector's ports to 2
Plug that small thing in the middle of the pad (forgot how it was named) to the NO Gate and 1st input of Selector.
Plug NO Gate to a 2nd input of Selector
Each of the outputs of Selector plug to Followers.
Now tweak both Followers to: "Speed: 100.0" "In/Out movement: Yes" "Up and Down Movement: Yes" "Power: 100" 'Range: Infinite (Hold left button on d-pad until you see infinite symbol)" "Follow Tag: Yes"

Now you have to make a piece of hologram or sticker panel that goes down. Place x different Tags in a row(you can label them "spawn" so it would be easier). Copy piece of hologram/sticker panel with controlinator x times and sort them in a row under the Entrance.
Tweak every of the controlinators' 1st follower to Tags that have each character, and 2nd to Tags that are on that big piece in the right order.

With this logic when somebody leaves the game, controlinator goes back to spawn so if another or the same player joins he can come back to game.

You can now unpause.

So that's how to make it. Day after tomorrow I will teach you how to make checkpoint in that enviroment, because I am falling asleep
2015-02-14 16:05:00
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2015-02-14 19:20:00 / Author: Darthvadre11
Ok so anyway to switch spawn points depending on the character, and the team they are on? I already figured out the tag thing, but now I want the player sensor to sense what player it is, and switch spawn points rather than use the color colored system. I wanted to try to do this without resorting to the old transmitter, receiver, method. Since I really want to try out the new lbp3 method .
2015-02-14 19:20:00
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2015-02-16 03:56:00 / Author: kubac2000
I believe it's so hard to make it with new LBP 3 method and even if it's there a method I can't really tell because as I already said, I don't really play LBP 3 often.
2015-02-16 03:56:00
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