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2014-12-25 16:50:00 / Author: Hyperfairy777
I am playing LBP3 on my PS3 and have just imported my little big planet 2 profile,

However this has had a horrible side effect, all of little big planet 3 starter items are missing from Crete mode, this includes the new sensors, like the physics tweaker, the new gamplay kit such as the charicter switcher and custom powerup maker, the layer launcher, basically all if the stuff you should start with in LBP3 is missing! Any idea how to fix or when a patch will be released?

Thank you in advance
2014-12-25 16:50:00
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2014-12-25 16:56:00 / Author: Snoki69
You need to turn On the advanced Create mode. Look on pause menu in create mode.
2014-12-25 16:56:00
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2014-12-25 17:04:00 / Author: Hyperfairy777
I have tried that, the items still won't show up,
2014-12-25 17:04:00
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2015-01-02 12:55:00 / Author: kubac2000
I have this problem too. It's so annoying ;( it's like you were able to use all of new tools in Beta but not in full game (especially infinite levels are gone.. )

Edit: - he's also having a problem. People say it's because after importing inoriginal copy of LBP 2 save data, new tools may not appear. So far I have original copy and still problem appears. They also say that merging profiles will help. I will try this now and will see if tools will appear.
2015-01-02 12:55:00
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2015-01-04 06:03:00 / Author: Hyperfairy777
I did find a work around, I made a second profile after backing mine up and made a pop it powerup that contails all the stuff from little big planet 3, I put that in a prize bubble, saved a backup of the level, imported my old file, placed that level on my moon, then collected the prize bubble,

Now I can switch between LBP 1 and 2 create and LBP3 create,

I will be releasing that pop it power up in a public level once I connect my PS3 to wifi, unless everything has been patched up and it's working propaly
2015-01-04 06:03:00
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