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costumes on second pad

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2017-01-05 17:41:57 / Author: Lozia
Maybe its stupid question but is there any option to import thinks on second pad? On first player there is all think that I bought in LBP1 and 2 but on 2 player there are only starting items. All items are on my main account. If there is any way to have same costiums on both pads I would be very grateful for explanation
2017-01-05 17:41:57
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2017-01-05 18:43:45 / Author: CamostarAtIsabella
I think you have to get THOSE items on the other account.
2017-01-05 18:43:45
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2017-01-05 23:59:54 / Author: Psmerga
Pick a sackbot with the pl1 joypad and make a costume on it.
Save the costume with player2 joypad and wear it.
This should be the easyiest way.

I am not sure if it will stay saved since pl2 is a guest.
If you can select a second account for pl2, you can play the free prize levels to collect everything from LBP1 to 3 and even all DLC that you own.
Didnt try to select second account for pl2 therefore im not sure if it will work.
Have fun.
2017-01-05 23:59:54
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