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Help in advanced adventure logic - Adventure costume changer

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2015-09-13 18:47:48 / Author: SonOfSparda
I'm working on an adventure, and I want it to be unique, so I came up with an idea to make a costume changer, that will apply to the whole adventure.
So, basically this is the concept:
Costume chooser (eg. a wardrobe) -> Quest - (active objective = active costume) = costume that applies to sackboy, whenever he enters selected level.
Sound pretty simple.  But logic doesn't seem to cooperate with my idea. 
If anyone would want to help, that'd be awesome 
2015-09-13 18:47:48
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2015-09-14 21:33:55 / Author: Psmerga
Using plenty costumes would eat up your thermo.
The bad thing is that you would have to use them for all the levels.
If this is no issue, then save with the memorizer which one is choosen.
So every level can react to the memoriser.
The question from there could be how to solve the wearing of costume.
I think that the better way would be with the bot + toggle tweaker for each costume.
(depending on memoriser which one is activated)
Other way could be by using change gate maybe.
(didnt test it what it changes. Only sackthing or with costume)
Have fun experimenting.
Sorry for lazy answer.
2015-09-14 21:33:55
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