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The curious case of LittleBigNetwork2zero-pilote2019-01-05 20:13:03
Extra Life LBP 20181p-p-j2018-10-31 22:59:37
DLC errors1Skepsi2018-10-04 17:35:53
it's wierd...7noseben2018-05-03 00:02:32
YouTube channel update2kubac20002018-03-17 16:42:43
I have returned to the community3sanfoxer2018-02-03 17:12:07
BBCodes ?!7Rxvlism2018-01-18 20:52:29
Merry Christmas everyone!5kubac20002017-12-24 15:07:33
What Happened To LBPCentral?5zero-pilote2017-10-06 12:07:00
Episode 62 LBF PICKS :)1TROOK2017-08-30 10:52:25
Just curious...3zero-pilote2017-08-29 16:30:26
For Deka!7EsEv12017-08-27 20:13:01
Back! [Again]4BoojiBoyTravis2017-08-18 01:21:12
So I ran into an error.4CyndaCat762017-06-20 05:28:11
Pictures on lbp.me8Psmerga2017-06-15 18:44:46
Yo the next competition?!8TheHiddenSHADOW82017-06-13 11:20:30
I Miss It Because It's Gone11CyndaCat762017-06-09 09:18:29
I'm alive11Buddydestruction2017-06-05 10:16:58
New pic i made2sanfoxer2017-06-04 13:03:14
More Pictures2Angelicatoo2017-05-26 22:57:55
Feeling nostalgic5Psmerga2017-05-25 22:14:16
LittleBigPlanet YouTube Channel12Angelicatoo2017-05-25 12:14:06
Funny LBP pictures25mdkd2017-05-23 06:25:45
Am I Really Alone?..11CyndaCat762017-04-28 11:13:41
Working on my decorating skills5sanfoxer2017-04-23 04:19:31
Happy Easter 20174CuriousSack2017-04-14 13:33:55
First Forum, want to get to know everyone3telus062017-03-24 09:04:19
Forum Talk72DeKa13572017-02-15 19:07:32
Boundless4DeKa13572017-01-04 16:33:21
Media Molecule's Dreams Anticipations4gurren0092016-11-05 17:12:49
Why I leave LBP for some time17mdkd2016-10-25 00:13:42
my picture6sanfoxer2016-08-13 23:43:16
I don't feel recognized for my hard work, why am i here?34angelthegamer2016-07-29 15:37:02
friends to play with?1moterhead19762016-07-16 14:12:39
gust need a little help with the signature3sanfoxer2016-07-11 16:21:03
Terraria Vs. Minecraft!6Snipa931Elit32016-07-06 07:34:45
Should I livestream???11BoojiBoyTravis2016-06-20 17:08:20
E3 20166gurren0092016-06-14 11:43:00
game share3Blueslime2016-06-04 04:22:21
Respect for...2Enzo the Cat2016-04-30 16:10:57
It happened! I got a PS4!!6BoojiBoyTravis2016-04-29 03:49:43
Might be getting a PS4?!1BoojiBoyTravis2016-04-21 15:29:03
About My YouTube Channel!1GlaceAce202016-02-23 12:18:16
Quiet. Too quiet.11Klepto the Kitten2016-02-22 02:48:29
Gravity Falls Finale (May contain spoilers)2five-ate-five2016-02-18 15:04:20
Happy Birthday, LBF!3Klepto the Kitten2016-02-03 20:11:21
Religion2Klepto the Kitten2016-02-03 20:10:36
Favorite Cuss Words4Klepto the Kitten2015-12-23 23:18:38
Ask a brony1Kid_code2015-11-20 19:42:57
Where have I been?!3BoojiBoyTravis2015-11-03 18:07:50
Psp reminiscing1Kid_code2015-10-30 09:01:14
Panic!at the disco, fallout boy, 21 pilots and othersuch obscure bands2Kid_code2015-10-30 08:54:52
LBPHotspot - Win Money by Making Levels!5lbpwebsiteadmin2015-10-03 04:07:52
About me, GlaceAce20!3GlaceAce202015-09-16 16:30:24
LittleBigPlanet 3 Autumn Coloring Page2DiamondDiancie102015-09-09 05:25:40
My new YT channel3mdkd2015-08-28 08:30:35
:(5t567y-2015-08-27 12:09:13
Best Sackphotos10ZombieKitty2015-08-22 21:08:16
Contest Variations5XZombieKing1999X2015-08-09 04:52:17
LittleBigPlanet Poll!7Pan_Ziemniak2015-08-06 19:27:51
How to transfer money in PSN between continents?5Psmerga2015-08-06 18:30:20
How Would You Rate Each LittleBigPlanet Game?11TheSangheiliGeek2015-07-29 04:22:49
Unity Stuffs!3BLAHBLAH10002015-07-19 03:04:08
Is LBP Losing it's Original Touch?17gurren0092015-07-15 00:19:23
Big in Japan discount PSVita Games1Psmerga2015-06-29 12:27:00
Battle with zombies (YouTube channel - powered by mdkd99)4mdkd2015-06-27 13:24:00
Have a problem! LBPN12Sharfik19952015-06-23 04:46:00
E3 2015 Dreams announced by Media Molecule!7gurren0092015-06-16 15:40:00
cloudy with a chance of meatballs 21???2015-06-16 03:10:00
Favourite song in every LBP game you played?15Pan_Ziemniak2015-06-07 12:55:00
If I bought the same PS3 model as I have one, would be safe to move my hard disc drive into new one?2kubac20002015-05-31 12:25:00
/r/littlebigplanet/2VanguardACTUAL2015-05-31 09:28:00
Cut content ( or lack of it) in Destiny (and other games)4VanguardACTUAL2015-05-30 18:17:00
Whats going on with LBPC?17gurren0092015-05-29 13:03:00
An Experiment with Clay5DiamondDiancie102015-05-24 09:09:00
Random brainfarts1Psmerga2015-05-23 16:38:00
Watermelon Sackboy Head... Oh, I Love Turning Fruits Into LittleBigPlanet Characters!5DiamondDiancie102015-05-22 21:44:00
Illegal Level On LBP3 [Hacked Item]12BoojiBoyTravis2015-05-14 12:54:00
PSN since 1.073Psmerga2015-05-13 14:42:00
Sorry!13sana_882015-05-12 23:38:00
Should I fear my Exams?? but what do you fear?7Fussy52015-05-12 07:47:00
Why People H4H & Publish Copied Levels Solved!8BoojiBoyTravis2015-05-08 18:01:00
A shameless plug that has nothing to do with LBP4211Nickey2015-05-08 10:46:00
OMG!!! Seriously drooling9Psmerga2015-05-08 06:54:00
Sound Error/Turned off?6sana_882015-05-08 01:28:00
What is Your Favorite Animal?7Hamster_fluff2015-05-07 22:47:00
A Visual Gift for Nerd_Dog.3DiamondDiancie102015-05-07 19:25:00
Share About You!12sana_882015-05-07 05:39:00
Whats your favourite food?6Pan_Ziemniak2015-05-07 02:52:00
A Question out of Curiousity...5DiamondDiancie102015-05-06 15:47:00
How to make Second PSN account?5Psmerga2015-05-06 03:41:00
Im just testing something, ignore this post please.3DaCheezBoss2015-05-04 14:37:00
Why you Should not Gameshare with People16BoojiBoyTravis2015-05-04 10:18:00
Rocket League PS4 Closed Beta3Zaphir2015-04-26 01:24:00
LBF CS:GO Team8Sound Friction2015-04-24 07:43:00
CKphatmans comedy corner!13ckphatman2015-04-21 20:29:00
Fun facts about me.8Pan_Ziemniak2015-04-21 12:59:00
On No! School!8sana_882015-04-20 00:36:00
Beta Levels3sana_882015-04-19 03:03:00
LBPCreateWith4sana_882015-04-17 02:25:00
Help! I cant complete my thread because of issue that kicks me out of browser!1kubac20002015-04-15 15:21:00
Quick Question!1Hamster_fluff2015-04-15 12:00:00
My YouTube Channel!35Pan_Ziemniak2015-04-14 12:49:00
Cant Access LBP Network!14Blacksackman2015-04-14 00:46:00
Level ideas!8Pan_Ziemniak2015-04-13 08:26:00
My youtube Channel [Snoki69]13Snoki692015-04-07 18:18:00
Moderated12dakrrs2015-04-01 07:52:00
scratch (programing)5Kid_code2015-03-30 19:33:00
New Team Picks!6SakuraLBPDragonX2015-03-28 14:58:00
LBP Signatures18DeKa13572015-03-28 06:16:00
LBP Central still down?7gurren0092015-03-28 04:35:00
Popit Cursor (Platformer) by Pan_Ziemniak6SakuraLBPDragonX2015-03-26 12:20:00
I have a YouTube channel!1mdkd2015-03-24 13:16:00
My YouTube Channel!2TheExpertz2015-03-19 15:24:00
LittleBigPlanet 2 Pod Music existed way before the game came out...and originally sounded better, IMO11Fox2015-03-18 14:49:00
LBPC not working8gurren0092015-03-14 11:36:00
Then and Now Moments (LBP)11dakrrs2015-03-13 21:40:00
I made a Drawing for Nerd_Doggy6Pan_Ziemniak2015-03-08 13:48:00
Lb1! Help!1Leah2015-02-10 11:15:00
LBP Icandy335dakrrs2015-02-04 22:13:00
Playstation & xbox down?14ZombieKitty2015-02-01 17:14:00
LBPCentral is back up!9211Nickey2015-01-30 13:43:00
Something bad.8211Nickey2015-01-28 15:23:00
Sadness.4211Nickey2015-01-28 11:38:00
Goodbye to everyone5PyroTrooper912015-01-09 12:47:00
Bye, Bye Spotlight Crew11GooeyGhost2015-01-04 22:19:00
PSN got DDOSed again20Zaphir2014-12-24 15:20:00
Im alittle lonely on LBP23gurren0092014-12-23 11:25:00
Lets talk about a person from littlebigplanet.7ZombieKitty2014-12-22 13:03:00
Mirrors Edge free on PS Store (and 2 other free games)2Ayneh2014-12-07 07:04:00
ZombieKing Art3XZombieKing1999X2014-11-22 17:18:00
Does anyone else like a booklet to come along with thier game?2PartyGamer13-IHLBP2014-11-22 12:10:00
Void5Enecs2014-11-21 16:13:00
Is There A Restart Button?3Deleted User2014-11-20 03:09:00
Red maniac terrorizes photo takers.4-Crow2014-11-16 13:20:00
Whats the difference between Yay and Heart on this forum?7Ayneh2014-11-16 09:51:00
Adios7Tomsnodgrass2014-11-13 08:02:00
apology35nerd_dog2014-11-10 11:17:00
About the lbpk Beta and its beta vest5SirPuddlesworth2014-11-01 16:03:00
Help! - LBP2 Avater4OMAR2014-11-01 08:18:00
DLC Downloaded to our hearts10Tomsnodgrass2014-10-29 13:09:00
Why would anyone listen6Deleted User2014-10-19 08:03:00
Project Touch - LBP37Project Touch2014-10-17 03:02:00
Win a £20 PSN Card! With the platform Storm12Deleted User2014-10-14 07:47:00
Whats your favorite videogame?7Joshua the Hedgefox2014-10-12 12:12:00
I Need help! - How to make a costume for sackboy Using software17Deleted User2014-10-11 09:57:00
I Need your help - Artists only!9Project K2014-10-07 12:56:00
Plays or What.2Sean12342014-10-06 11:30:00
Concept of a LBF Pin16DeKa13572014-10-04 07:12:00
Player of the Month - JellyBellyScout12Deleted User2014-10-03 08:58:00
LittleBigPlanet 4 Unboxing6CodemanPSX2014-09-25 22:04:00
I Cant Stand...29Deleted User2014-09-24 23:54:00
Im not Mr LASANGE/A!!!!!!!!2Deleted User2014-09-24 08:56:00
My Apology14Deleted User2014-09-23 11:23:00
level play booster2Sean12342014-09-19 11:01:00
Your Favorite Levels and Creators (from ALL LBP games)1Goober18232014-09-15 14:54:00
My experience at the #LBP3JAM 2014!13DeKa13572014-09-15 13:20:00
Top 10 favourite creators27Sandro87082014-09-15 03:29:00
Little Big Planet meet up 2014?13Deleted User2014-09-14 07:10:00
Im Leaving LBF...4Deleted User2014-09-10 23:54:00
Has my donation come through?1RedPanda2014-09-05 11:00:00
Didnt know where to post this but.. Its my birthday :D13Caseythesackboy2014-08-28 19:15:00
PSN is DDos-ed.16Sound Friction2014-08-24 03:07:00
LittleBigForum Pin?14RedPanda2014-08-22 08:24:00
Where did the donate button go?16RedPanda2014-08-20 00:58:00
Is littlebigforum copyrighted or trademarked?5littlebigfansite copyrighter2014-08-15 07:09:00
How do I add a picture or a video on my signature2Ticktocksacks2014-08-13 18:33:00
Sonys giving me bad customer service.2BabyBabyGirl2014-08-09 14:16:00
How do you link things?3johnmedina9992014-08-04 22:15:00
LBPC Account Suspended12Snoki692014-08-04 17:51:00
Lbp Import3Darkrodent2014-08-03 14:29:00
Helping out a hand1Ticktocksacks2014-07-24 10:56:00
Picture artistic logo2Ticktocksacks2014-07-24 10:21:00
How to make an Elder-Friendly Design.3HouseDecor2014-07-22 02:33:00
Happy 2 Year Anniversary To LittleBigForum!27cookiezmilk2014-07-08 21:02:00
LittleBigForum Tweets!16GooeyGhost2014-07-07 14:53:00
Free heart and yay daily3Free Heart And Yay Daily2014-07-01 13:41:00
New Glitch Found By Me and Glitchmaster7 - Ace any LBP1 Level5Deleted User2014-07-01 13:03:00
How to stream GamePlay Footage from Ps3/ps4 to Youtube6Deleted User2014-06-29 10:47:00
My new little big planet tutorial series - littlepinplanet - HELP AND WORKERS NEEDED3Deleted User2014-06-28 04:47:00
I Wanna Be A Moderator! (how...?)6Deleted User2014-06-26 13:37:00
The Division Based Digital Art I Drew :)5X_DISARMED_PR0_X2014-06-06 17:02:00
Why i was really upset about the new Soccer Fan DLC...4sayer69132014-06-03 22:25:00
lbp parody of dynimite1Sean12342014-05-29 04:44:00
LBP Material Ideas4dakrrs2014-05-24 22:50:00
New Youtube Channel!4galacticsackboy2014-05-10 11:49:00
Dear mom,4King_HG2014-05-07 15:12:00
LBF Anthem3GooeyGhost2014-05-05 16:11:00
*Warning!*6R-V-2-0-1-32014-05-05 13:41:00
Whats your Favorite Game11PartyGamer13-IHLBP2014-05-04 15:08:00
3D lbp10gurren0092014-05-02 19:05:00
Every Mm/Team Pick5dakrrs2014-04-25 07:24:00
Could someone Help me?6PartyGamer13-IHLBP2014-04-23 00:38:00
Contraption Challenges ~ More of these in future?10DragonFly25002014-04-22 15:43:00
PS4 Owners Club5Seleven72014-04-22 11:00:00
What are the most rushed things you have created in LBP2?5xan-con2014-04-06 14:16:00
Have you lost interest in LBP2?4xan-con2014-04-06 13:51:00
Should I?3dakrrs2014-03-30 23:27:00
Pod Creations10dakrrs2014-03-30 23:04:00
Im Stupid!3dudley31132014-03-26 02:26:00
The best moment ever lived in LittleBigPlanet.11King_HG2014-03-25 11:40:00 looks...2Dertyde942014-03-22 00:11:00
The moments I hate.10King_HG2014-03-20 10:40:00
Errorz9dolphins-R-lame2014-03-09 12:33:00
Share your countrys best things!19King_HG2014-03-06 03:32:00
Unauthorized Capture 21dakrrs2014-02-26 12:31:00
Unauthorized Capture Video5dakrrs2014-02-24 16:06:00
Happy Birthday my friend FreddyFerrari!3Deleted User2014-02-24 07:10:00
New Account2ToonLucas222014-01-31 08:15:00
Im done. Good-bye, everyone. Im finished.13xan-con2013-12-29 15:22:00
When does each LBF episode come out3Caliboy45992013-12-23 07:03:00
Playstation 410FreddyFerrari2013-11-24 21:23:00
LBF halloween......4dudley31132013-10-25 02:08:00
Profile picture1dudley31132013-10-22 23:30:00
I wanna be famous!!17Darkrodent2013-10-22 07:20:00
LittleBigHelp (I Need Your Help)1firewheel222013-10-18 14:58:00
Help wanted (Level)3dudley31132013-09-27 01:06:00
Whats better in your mind!13dudley31132013-09-26 23:50:00
When is the next crown contest?3dudley31132013-09-26 04:46:00
Pointless-Writing-Thread26DeKa13572013-08-27 08:24:00
Gamescom 201311LBPCreatorKit2013-08-20 12:50:00 glitch!8ToonLucas222013-08-15 07:20:00
Hearting a level... Without yaying it!?10dolphins-R-lame2013-08-01 20:06:00
I yayed my own level!9dolphins-R-lame2013-07-30 22:50:00
Vacation3jhonsiak2013-07-24 04:03:00
Top reviews7dolphins-R-lame2013-07-21 16:22:00
Behind the username!10dolphins-R-lame2013-07-11 21:56:00
Do you buy a PS4?8DeKa13572013-07-04 01:44:00
What should I buy next?9DeKa13572013-06-29 04:25:00
ToonLucas22 has left LBP!4KUNGFUPANDAMAST2013-06-28 09:39:00
Great ways to get into building moods.2XZombieKing1999X2013-06-14 16:53:00
Paradise island vita 2 is now stopped3piratebay872013-06-12 14:03:00
LBP3 - Rumors5DeKa13572013-06-11 00:39:00
The NEW PS4!!!13DeKa13572013-06-11 00:33:00
Top 10 most hated Lbp players?3Down With Latin_player_102013-06-05 12:37:00
Ylod Problem19LBPCreatorKit2013-06-05 11:19:00
PS45jhonsiak2013-06-03 10:46:00
Sony PS4 Teaser Video2DeKa13572013-05-20 12:15:00
Illegal levels going on LBP12ToonLucas222013-05-19 15:58:00
Looking for PSN/LBP Friends7LBPChannel&Sacko532013-05-13 01:18:00
Wishes for LBP313DeKa13572013-04-27 02:23:00
Playstation Gamer League10piratebay872013-04-24 14:02:00
Suggestion8ToonLucas222013-04-20 17:36:00
Do you like Monopoly or The Game Of Life more?5ToonLucas222013-04-19 14:13:00
ToonLucas22 PSN has been suspended for 1st time3ToonLucas222013-04-12 13:33:00
LittleBigPlanet Vita 2?4DeKa13572013-04-11 04:50:00
Edit button isnt working :(2ToonLucas222013-04-08 15:01:00
German ad3Buddydestruction2013-04-02 21:34:00
Goodbye, LBF.13Deleted User2013-03-07 09:37:00
Offline for a while4DeKa13572013-03-06 11:41:00
PS3 out of memory :( Help8Littlebigbrick2013-03-02 21:55:00
Lbp1 download8Littlebigbrick2013-03-01 13:30:00
qore cap2Deleted User2013-02-13 12:48:00
LittleBigPlanetLife moved and changed8piratebay872013-02-12 14:31:00
Make it rain1Littlebigbrick2013-02-09 11:06:00
Will I be able to play this game?5Littlebigbrick2013-02-07 09:46:00
A heart warming LBP video3Littlebigbrick2013-02-06 13:46:00
The chat bar is gone! :(4Littlebigbrick2013-02-06 10:36:00
LittleBigPlanetLife10piratebay872013-02-01 13:52:00
Thelittlebigbrick YouTube channel!5Littlebigbrick2013-02-01 02:43:00
Forum Jobs5piratebay872013-02-01 00:24:00
Awesome DLC I found3Littlebigbrick2013-01-31 01:37:00
I just noticed this4piratebay872013-01-30 14:50:00
homestuck3Deleted User2013-01-28 15:43:00
its stevenis birthday2mardrizzle2013-01-23 12:57:00
god ascesion lbp2 my level1Deleted User2013-01-23 12:16:00
Playstation under maintenance10piratebay872013-01-17 15:26:00
Kartong Beta Somehow open?!12piratebay872013-01-12 03:30:00
Bioshock6piratebay872013-01-11 23:53:00
my new level overloads on lbp21Deleted User2013-01-07 11:47:00
This forum hates me3piratebay872013-01-06 15:19:00
the forums new look6mardrizzle2013-01-02 19:30:00
Sony Xperia Z18DeKa13572013-01-02 06:20:00
LBPV2piratebay872013-01-02 03:03:00
Facebook5DeKa13572012-11-18 07:31:00
Searching a new notebook1DeKa13572012-11-14 07:52:00
Who has Platin in any LBP Game?9DeKa13572012-11-11 05:39:00
PlayStation 44DeKa13572012-11-04 02:23:00
When was you when sackboy die?8MarzipanCraft2012-10-24 08:50:00
New Sony Patent for Move5DeKa13572012-10-15 09:27:00
New Sony Store Design7DeKa13572012-10-15 09:21:00
Some beautiful supercross racing4pate592012-10-12 10:25:00
LittleBigPlanet Cap5DeKa13572012-09-21 05:25:00
1,000 posts inside "Chat"!15TRaciti2012-09-16 09:57:00
Background for LBF31DeKa13572012-09-11 09:39:00
East Coast Rumble6Jaeydan2012-08-28 17:07:00
Puzzle5DeKa13572012-08-25 06:18:00
My Facebook and Twitter :)8Maxatrillian5262012-08-24 05:16:00
Whats your favorite game? (Dont say LBP series)31TRaciti2012-08-18 13:02:00
Is LBPCentral down?14BillyCrash1002012-08-08 04:10:00
Hater13DeKa13572012-08-07 09:07:00
Is this possible?18Jaeydan2012-07-29 18:48:00
The Biggest LBP Surprise Ever2Jaeydan2012-07-25 19:18:00
LittleBigTundra2Jaeydan2012-07-20 11:48:00
Birthday wishes215DeKa13572012-07-15 00:04:00
LittleSigPlanet17DeKa13572012-07-13 02:40:00
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