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2013-07-11 21:56:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
Hello folks! Seeming as I get a ton of questions about why my name is "dolphins-r-lame" I thought I would finally share the true story, lucky you (you're not actually very lucky, because now you have to read oh the dreaded reading gah)!

Anyways one day when I got my ps3 my cousins where over and I was making my psn id, my cousins are real nature, hippie, vegetarians types and they where talking about dolphins for some reason :0 so me being the 11 year old self I was, just to be funny I made my username "dolphins-r-lame"! Ahahaha so many people think I hate dolphins XD well anyways that's my story, what's yours?

I got this idea from a thread over at a different lbp fan site I can't remember which one but I thought lbf deserved a topic of its own! I remembered because I met a new friend today and he was questioning my name so it kind of jogged my memory XD please share I'm curious
2013-07-11 21:56:00
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2013-07-11 22:09:00 / Author: yugnar
Hahaha cool idea! My usname is quite random really... Many, many, manyyyy years ago I was a great fan of anime, and my favorite series were "Yu-gi-oh!" And "Naruto", and when I signed up to a page and I didn't know how to call myself, I made the acronym "Yug" (for Yugioh) and "nar" (for Naruto), therefore=yugnar. Jajajaja guess you didn't expect that!

So yeah, I began calling myself like that everywhere because I liked how it sounds and just got used to it... With the passing of the years I think I am now registered in over 100 websites with that name... So if you see it somewhere else there's 90% probability its me
2013-07-11 22:09:00
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2013-07-11 22:54:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
Ahahaaha! That's so awesome!
2013-07-11 22:54:00
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2013-07-11 23:42:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Lol, my username sounds a bit weird, but let me tell you my story
Well, in the very beggining of ps3, me and my bro were really addicted to Killzone 2. It was a boss there, called ''PyroTrooper91'' where we got stuck for long. Then we decided to create a psn ID, therefore we came up with this username
2013-07-11 23:42:00
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2013-07-12 01:31:00 / Author: CuriousSack
Hahaha, thats great! ^^ My story isn't rather exciting but here it is!^^ When I got me LBP2 I've already been 49 yo! (I've been playing videogames since the days of Nintendo's SNES) And lbpc has been my first community in my life which I've joined to be an active member! And because all has been new to me and rather exciting, and I've been rather curious what will happen next... voilà! Now I'm CuriousSack!^^

Many greetings, Jürgen^^

P.S. ok, when my mother was asked: "how shall your baby be called?"...
2013-07-12 01:31:00
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2013-07-12 03:55:00 / Author: pate59
Interesting thread, I hope to see more stories. I'll tell about mine now though: So I was 11, got PS3 and LBP1 for Christmas, I went sleeping while my dad was setting up the PS3. His first name is Pauli, his nickname is Pate, he's born 1959. Sooo, he created the pate59 account and I begun playing with it. Of course I wanted a different username later but since all my trophies and levels in LBP are on this account it isn't so simple. So I'm playing with this one forever I guess. The username I use outside LBP and LBP sites is Veikkeli.
2013-07-12 03:55:00
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2013-07-12 05:38:00 / Author: FreddyFerrari
My story is really boring but i will tell it you :

I have a cat called 'Freddy' and he is 13 years old and I LOVE him!

Since I was a little child I always was a fan of cars and my favorite cars were always these red:.. -> Ferrari's. I am also a big Formula 1 fan and thats why i was at different race tracks: 2008 Hungary, 2009 Germany (Hockenheimring), 2011 Germany (Nürburgring) 2011(Belgium). I have several Ferrari T-shirts, caps, jackets ... everything!

I called myself FreddyFerrari (Wow what a great story^^)

P.S.: My brother bought 2008 a ps3 for 600? and I had on this ps3 also an account called: Devil-spider (This were the only words that i knew in english and sounded cool xD!)
I bought 2010 my own PS3 and created a new account FreddyFerrari (BTW i Have still the same LBP profile avatar that i had 3 years ago!)

Here are some pics of my cat :
2013-07-12 05:38:00
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2013-07-12 08:12:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
Freddy your cat is so cute XD I have two cats orange and gray :3 cool story too!
2013-07-12 08:12:00
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2013-07-12 14:08:00 / Author: TheAngler2010
My stories short but I got my ps3 in 2010 and my dad's a big fishing nut. Angler is pretty much another name for fisherman.
2013-07-12 14:08:00
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2013-07-12 16:02:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
Sweet XD
2013-07-12 16:02:00
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