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2016-02-23 12:18:16 / Author: GlaceAce20
Hello Sackling! I see you must be interrested about my YouTube channel.
Well don't worry! here's some information about my YouTube channel:

What do I record?
I record randondom levels.
If you would like your level to 
get recorded send me a message
and I might record it. Yes, might

With who do I record?
I record with my buddies!
Don't worry about not being 
my buddy, you can just add 
my PSN: GlaceAce20. Please 
a friend request with text.
after you've added me we 
can record fun levels!

When do I record?
I live in the UK (England)
So the time might be different 
then in your country. Anyways 
I record every two days. When 
I am in the mood to record, I 
sometimes record everyday!

Thank you for reading my information, if you did read it! 
If you think I missed to type some information please
message me your question. Have a wonderfull day!
2016-02-23 12:18:16
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