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Big in Japan discount PSVita Games

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2015-06-29 12:27:00 / Author: Psmerga
Hi there.
I am looking from time to time for good games in the store.
At the moment there is a discount on many games.
Some of older games are amazing and gives you tons of playtime.
Some have terrible graphics so check them on youtube want to play something like that.

12,00? - Metal gear solid HD Collection. 3 games of classic metal gear serie.
02,99? - Suikoden. - Awesome story. Roundbased gameplay.
02,99? - Suikoden 2. - Awesome story. Roundbased gameplay.
03,00? - Vagrant story. - Weird fighting system.
05,00? - Final Fantasy 4. - All FF games have very long and often complex story and roundbased gameplay.
05,00? - Final Fantasy 6.
05,00? - Final Fantasy 7. - My favorite game of all games that i had. Extremly long and complex story. This game have awesome cutscenes. Roundbased fight.
05,00? - Final Fantasy 9.
03,25? - Lunar Silver star harmony. - Remake of Lunar silver star. Long story and roundbased gameplay.
04,00? - Breath of fire 3. - AWESOME game. Roundbased gameplay.

Make sure to check this games before you buy them.
2015-06-29 12:27:00
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