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2014-07-24 10:56:00 / Author: Ticktocksacks
If anyone wants to make a contest with me You can just reply here. I would just need the required stuff. You need to be someone who tests levels or a pro or atleast a spotlighter. If you would if you could tweet steveni that I'm making a contest named wasting time! And to ask for 1 crown code for the contest to be rewarded to 1rst place. Then announce this contest out to friends and others so people know and they will start working on the level. The people who wants to volunteer to the contest to check out the levels that the people make can just message me. 4 people can volunteer. Once 4 people have messaged me and wants to volunteer I will announce that the contest will start. I will message the 4 people of what to do. Note: the person who is picked, I will message you the link to the level they made. To the people who want to make it, the level must be named Wasting Time! Must have capitals and explanation mark. Also to have a full or medium description. Once you are done making the level publish it and message me the link of little big forum. Please private message me only. The person who checks the level must check for detail and design and take pics while playing. Check if there's any holes or missing stuff in the level. Also check if its hard or easy. The level must be long and detailed. Once 5 days when I get my 4 volunteers and start the contest I will determine which level has made the best improvement. 1rst place gets rare prize crown. Also the person that gets picked to tweet steveni must ask if its ok if we can do this contest. Hope you guys have fun and good luck.
2014-07-24 10:56:00
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