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Might be getting a PS4?!

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2016-04-21 15:29:03 / Author: BoojiBoyTravis
Hey guys! So yes, I have risen from the dead again! But, I have some interesting news to tell you! 

I have major plans, my original being around the summertime after my birthday in July! I have plans to turn in my PS3, accessories, games, etc. to the local GameStop and get in store credit. The estimate right now on everything I have PS3 wise is $210.80!   Now, accordingly with my plan, I will use that (when I trade in my PS3 and stuff), along with birthday money, to buy a pre-owned PS4! Right now, a pre-owned PS4 at GameStop is $299.99, a discount of $319.99. When I first saw the deal, it was only gonna be from April 20th thru April 30th. But since that, the deal advertisement is not up on the site anymore! I remember when they first discounted it to $319.99, and it soon became the new price! 

So, my parents also say they "might" surprise me with one, but I highly doubt that will happen.   But in case that does happen, that will bring up plan B! If you want to know what my plan B is, ask that as the question below in the replies! And just so   knows, I am gonna get LBP3 PS4 when I get one! That is not part of plan B!

Anyways, I hope this all works out and the jealousy of me having a PS4 can begin! 

EDIT: They just put the advertisement back on the site, just a different look now. Whoops! xD
2016-04-21 15:29:03
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