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Why you Should not Gameshare with People

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2015-05-04 10:18:00 / Author: BoojiBoyTravis
We all know that Gamesharing is a big topic discussed in LittleBigPlanet. It's a way to get DLCs from people and friends you know who might have rare DLC (rare t-shirts, Crown, Spacesuit, etc.). But did you know that Gamesharing is illegal? A lot of people know it is illegal, but there are more who don't know it is illegal. Let me give an example


Player 1 has all rare items, including the rare t-shirts, the crown, the LittleBigPlanet PSP Launch Cap, the LittleBigPlanet Cap, etc. etc.. His friend Player 2 asks him if he could have some of his items, or Gameshare, for himself.
Player 1 says, "Sure! I can trust you! Because you're my friend!"

He tells his friend Player 2 all of his information, including his email and password. Player 1 then logs off of his account to let his friend get in and get the stuff he wanted from him.

Little did he know that he made the worst mistake in his life. When he thought that he could log back into his account, he got the following message, "Email address or password (sign-in address) is incorrect"

Player 1 then realized his friend Player 2 had hacked his account, and changed the password so he couldn't log back into it.

Player 1 made a new account and confronted his friend Player 2, or the hacker. He told him that he would be reported for hacking into his account. Player 2 was stupid enough to think he was joking.

Player 1 contacted Sony and told them his account had been hacked and gave them his email and password, and told them who hacked his account. They told him they would take care of it and get his account back.

Player 1 soon got his account back, and Player 2 was banned from PSN.

That example should show you how gamesharing is an illegal act, can be reported against, and could get your account back within a short time after the hacking has occurred.

Ways you can get your account back:

Find out who the hacker is by looking for clues (good idea).
Confront the hacker, and give him a deal he can't deny and in return give his account back.
Report the hacker to Sony and give your account's information, including your account's email and former password (best idea).

I hope this can tell more people how gamesharing can turn into a big mistake and can cost you your account and everything you had on it, including LBP levels that can get removed or messed up!
2015-05-04 10:18:00
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2015-05-04 14:30:00 / Author: DaCheezBoss
Trust no-one...
2015-05-04 14:30:00
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2015-05-04 16:05:00 / Author: BoojiBoyTravis
2015-05-04 16:05:00
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2015-05-04 16:49:00 / Author: gurren009
I made the mistake of gamesharing way back in lbp1. And yeah, we had to call Sony and change my password just to get it back .
2015-05-04 16:49:00
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2015-05-05 06:06:00 / Author: Ayneh
You should only gameshare with people you trust, obviously. It was the same with sharing physical games, only there weren't any accounts to worry about.

Platforms that allow you to share games with each other are more profitable and helps foster a community. If you come down on people like a ton of bricks with punitive DRM and stuff people just won't play.

Sony knows this, which is why they introduced Share Play where you can share a game with a friend for an hour. It's not really the same, though.
2015-05-05 06:06:00
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2015-05-05 06:24:00 / Author: BoojiBoyTravis
Well there just too many people who want to hack your account by tricking you into gamesharing.
And yes, gamesharing and Share Play are two different things, but are similar. Gamesharing is basically giving a friend your account's email and password, and that basically leaves you in danger of getting your account hacked. I still don't understand the Share Play thing because I don't have a PS4, but I'm pretty sure that is better than gamesharing, which is illegal.
2015-05-05 06:24:00
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2015-05-05 14:42:00 / Author: sana_88
Gamesharing is a violation to (I'm pretty sure) contract and licence of agreement you accept when you play LBP online (all of the games) and PSN as well.
It is also an illegal action, since the reciever could get extra and closed DLC such as LBPV shirt for no extra price. Which is basically ripping off those who are prestigious enough (for e.g. ppl who earn a crown or ppl who got LBPV at launch.) to get them.

Please do not gameshare, it is sad. My friend asked me if I could gameshare with him, but I simply said no.
I know the dangers of the PSN world... o.o
2015-05-05 14:42:00
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2015-05-05 21:31:00 / Author: nerd_dog
well.. I will express my opinion here. even if some would disagree.

is gamesharing illegal? yes..

is it wrong? hmm... it does cut down some profits on dlc so.. technically stealing but not really hurting anything (taking a few dollars of profit from a multimillion dollar corporation).

should you gameshare?... I would say no. I personally would never gameshare. it is technically stealing, and I personally like to support the creators of the content I enjoy by paying for it fairly.

this is my personal opinion on the matter.
2015-05-05 21:31:00
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2015-05-06 06:25:00 / Author: BoojiBoyTravis
You are 100% true on that!
2015-05-06 06:25:00
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2015-05-06 08:23:00 / Author: Biorogue
Note: The use of the words "you," "your" and "you're" are not necessarily pertaining to the OP but to any PSN user who is foolish enough to do this.

First of all let's get one thing straight. In the example given in the first post. Player 2 is not a "hacker." It's not "hacking" if you GIVE YOUR PASSWORD TO SOMEBODY. The person didn't have to run some kind of decryption software to sneak into your system, to break into it, no, Player 2 was freely given the information. So he did NOT HACK into the playstation. You gave them the key. Geez. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever give your information to anyone. How many times must you be told? I don't trust some of my own family members yet you're going to trust someone whom you've never met except you play an online game together? Wow. In this example player 1 should be banned. He did something beyond stupid (gave his login info to a "friend" and then when he was double crossed he reported player 2 for hacking? Wow. The dude game shared which is against the EULA. Ban him! Ban him real good.
2015-05-06 08:23:00
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2015-05-06 11:58:00 / Author: Indomitus1973

I agree. If LBP3 isn't making them any money, they won't be so eager to make LBP4 in a few years.
2015-05-06 11:58:00
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2015-05-06 12:26:00 / Author: BoojiBoyTravis

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you. All it is is an example. The most common of gamesharers are friends, but not all friends.
Player 1 was in the wrong to gameshare like that, but that doesn't mean he has to be banned. Don't want to start a flame war, but in a sense it is hacking, because he can just get your information from your account's information, excluding the email and password, since the hacker knows them already, and steal the personal information, excluding the email and password.
It could leave you in the hands of a possible pedophile if the really personal information is stolen and found.

Sorry to disagree, but that happens, not everything has to be agreeable.
2015-05-06 12:26:00
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2015-05-06 12:44:00 / Author: nerd_dog
I would say that, you can find real friends that are trust worthy on the internet. I trust at least one of my online friends more than I trust pretty much anyone. but.. I haven't gameshared with them and they haven't ever asked anything like that.

I think a good friend wouldn't ask someone for their dlc like that. a good friend wouldn't want to make you feel at risk by having you do something illegal. so if someone asks you to gameshare your dlc, then they aren't really worrying too much about you.

on the other hand.. I had someone offer to share their dlc by giving me their information. although that's way different than someone asking for dlc, it's something that I wouldn't accept. I don't want to put anyone else at risk even if it probably wouldn't be risky for me.
2015-05-06 12:44:00
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2015-05-07 06:20:00 / Author: Ayneh
Then they aren't a friend. I would expect the kind of person you'd gameshare with to be a close friend for a few years.

As Biorogue wrote, when someone tricks you into handing over a password that's typically called social engineering instead of hacking, since hacking implies compromising security.

I'm guessing it's there as a digital surrogate for the old fashioned way of doing things, which was meeting up and borrowing games from each other. Sony introduced Share Play because it makes them money. 1 hour is kinda short though, it should really be 4 hours.

It's a win-win, more people play games and talk about them, no sales are lost only gained with new fans. If the barrier to entry is low to a game it can help sustain a community for decades, which raises the issue of pricing:

For a console game most of the money goes to the publisher (60%) and tax (20%). It's pretty unfair to the developers and in some cases buying a game, say published by EA, supports malicious business practice. It's high time how games are priced was addressed.
2015-05-07 06:20:00
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2015-05-07 09:40:00 / Author: nerd_dog
@Ayneh I would definitely agree with that for sure. I believe the actual developers deserve a bigger slice of the pie.
2015-05-07 09:40:00
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2015-05-07 11:38:00 / Author: BoojiBoyTravis
I do have to agree, they aren't a friend if they try to trick you into gamesharing.

Although you never know when people are being serious and not wanting to hack into your account, or are trying to hack into your account, best choice is to say no, since you never know if they are serious or trying to trick you.
2015-05-07 11:38:00
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