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I Wanna Be A Moderator! (how...?)

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2014-06-26 13:37:00 / Author: Deleted User
I just really want to be a moderator be well am good at and apparently you get a Pin Plus I really want to met DeKa she Purrdy The pin looks like this Any suggestions how?
2014-06-26 13:37:00
Deleted User
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2014-06-26 16:08:00 / Author: GooeyGhost
Well, you need to be a really active member around the site, or/and be suggested by someone in our staff. But right now we're kinda full. But who knows maybe we'll have a spot in the future.

And you don't get the pin or any other award just by being a moderator. The "Master of the Internet" pin is an awesome reward recognizing your work outside LittleBigPlanet on forums and social media. It's not really tied to working on fan-sites.
And It's not easy to get that pin you know? There's people in our staff that still don't have it.

I personally think if you want to be a moderator or any position on any site you should do it because you really want to, not just to looking to get a pin or some other reward.

By the way...
I don't know if you know but.... eh... Danny... Or DeKa... is a.. He, not a she... He still Purrdy tho! Hahaha
2014-06-26 16:08:00
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2014-06-26 16:15:00 / Author: Sandro8708
We work here not to get special reward or recognition. LBF was made to enjoy LBP more

By the way welcome to LBF. You can help around here being part of this fast growing fan site Why do you not introduce yourself first and take a look about the site rules
2014-06-26 16:15:00
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2014-06-26 16:41:00 / Author: Seleven7
MrLasagna, you didn't win the PS4 from my level. Your name does not appear on the scoreboard.
2014-06-26 16:41:00
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2014-06-26 17:18:00 / Author: NobodyVII
Hello my name is Andrew

i would love for people to play my levels and help motivate me. it is sad knowing people are NOT playing my creations.
2014-06-26 17:18:00
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2014-06-26 22:29:00 / Author: jhonsiak

I got that pin from StevenI first, including Freddy and DK I think, and in a couple days pyro and yugnar. That was a year ago and a couple months. That was a reward for our hard work. Not, I'm a member I like that pin I want it and get it from being a mod. Seriously now we are totally FULL!!! 6 people in the crew (X) 3 adminstrators and 3 moderators. My job is to keep the forum clean and tidy, so I should better lock that
2014-06-26 22:29:00
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