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My new YT channel

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2015-08-28 08:30:35 / Author: mdkd
I have made a new YouTube channel.
A channel about my game only would be to less, so I made a new one with my normal PSN - name.
Here's the channel:
I have planed to make videos about LBPVITA. I don't want to be a YT Star, I want to share my music, levels and tutorials about LBPVITA and maybe, LBP3 and all other games...
Here's the first video:
It's a song I created at the night. I'm really creative at night.
Whatever, it doesn't have the best audio quality. It's OK, but it's not good yet.
But whatever! Tell me what you think about my channel idea.
2015-08-28 08:30:35
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2015-08-29 21:48:10 / Author: Sandro8708
Hey, just subscribed to your channel. Looking forward to some more vids. Record some creative progress how to make music or how you make music on LBP.

Thx 4 sharing
2015-08-29 21:48:10
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2015-08-31 08:34:08 / Author: mdkd
I thank you.
I will share many things. Music, Tutorials, Gameplays and level previews...
2015-08-31 08:34:08
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