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Cut content ( or lack of it) in Destiny (and other games)

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2015-05-30 18:17:00 / Author: VanguardACTUAL
Hi all!

Destiny was set to be a first person shooting adventure that evolved the FPS scene, but instead, only showed us how content is cut from games, and how us, the consumers, and spending more than we should be. Firstly, I understand they need to make money, and less time spent on something = getting the money faster. But should we stand for that? How long will it take before we ask for what we truly deserve? I want some nice discussions going on from this, so please share your thought!

Firstly, Mercury and Jupiter. In a trailer before the game was released, they announced planets you could visit, and named Jupiter and Mercury. Excluding the PvP map that is set on Mercury, neither planet is ever mentioned, or seen in game. Does this mean two ENTIRE planet were cut? We also saw in trailers The Reef to be a hub like area, similar to the Tower. Yet only recently, has it been opened, as long as you buy the DLC. Did it not make anyone wonder why the reef had its own area on the map, yet when you click on it, nothing is there? Another example of content that was simply cut from the game.

Also in trailers, we hear how players could "trade and gamble gear". Trading is clearly not in the game, and with the random based loot system, it needs to be. In terms of gambling (also not included) many have theorized that you could gamble gear on races to you would partake in. That is the reason why you can buy Sparrows with different stats. Another element is the Guilds or Factions. There is a few you can choose from, all seem to look like they will mold your character and change your game. As a matter of fact, they don't, nothing happens. When you go to the crucible, and you hover over a gamemode, reading the information describes how one of these groups is trying to achieve something. Yet this is not only shown in game, but irrelevant of the outcome.

This game cost £55, which isn't exactly cheap. They promised content that wasn't in the game, and if you base games of they're content, is Destiny really worth £55? Look at GTA or Skyrim, hours of endless fun ,so much to do and explore, does destiny have a similar amount of content to those? NO! Yet we still fish out our wallets to buy the game and DLCs, and by the way, most of DLC on Destiny was all ready on the disc and some people found as they were looking into in game files.

Lets bring this to LBP. The Nightmare Before Christmas Pack costs £3.99. It has 5 Objects, 8 Materials, 13 Decorations, 100 Stickers, 1 Interactive Music Track, 1 Sound Object, 1 Background. It is also one level, with no challenge and is there simply to show of the items. The DC Comics level kit came with a Power up, Wall Jump Surface Material and Tweaker, 29 materials, 179 stickers, 7 music tracks, 2 costumes, 60 sound effects, 1 background, and 11 levels. This all cost £5.49. £1.50 more expensive. To me, the DC pack was great value! So much new content, levels and gear, while NBC Pack was valued way too high. It had little content, no costume with it, no abilities, and no new features. I felt ashamed spending almost £4 on that.

Thank you for reading, its been quite long, just felt the need to highlight how we are paying more for less, and how quite unfair it all is. TL;DR, content cut from games, we're still paying full price, Unfair or not?
2015-05-30 18:17:00
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2015-05-30 18:44:00 / Author: Psmerga
You are absolute right.
The only thing what one can do, is not to pay.
Since i am older, i am observing this phenomenon over the years. (since early 90s. Started with c64 and sega master system)
The decline started with ?.
I for my part, almost dont buy or play games. (LBP3 is the only game that i play)
In my opinion, plenty of games are waste of time.
You must demand money for playing them.
Bragging about this will make us only looking as trolls so keep smiling and playing the good games.

If you have vita and want to enjoy some awesome content, then buy final fantasy 7 from store from PSX section.
You will get almost endless content for few bucks (10? for Europe).
The graphic is crappy for current standards, (still not bad or even almost so good or better as many vita games) but you will get content by far deeper and better then plenty of current games.
2015-05-30 18:44:00
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2015-05-31 01:10:00 / Author: Sound Friction
It's A game published by Activision, what do you expect?
Almost all games published by Activision nowadays are pure crap.
2015-05-31 01:10:00
Sound Friction
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2015-05-31 02:42:00 / Author: Pan_Ziemniak
There's so many unused content because developers are rushed and if something is hard to program they can't put it into the game because publisher says, for example: "Hurr durr, diz game haz to hav premier on black friday cuz ppl ar buyn stuff then uuhh." Sorry for that but it's true. To dear publishers. Don't rush developers when game will be great it will gain good reviews.

Good reviews = Sales going up = Lots of profit.

And please... Don't sell unused content as DLC. It's bullcrap.
2015-05-31 02:42:00
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