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2014-05-24 22:50:00 / Author: dakrrs
I was browsing through cool backdrops and thought that Mm, or whoever still runs the LBP network could import an All-Materials DLC.

These are some of the materials I would like to see in LBP.


Sparkling Water
(Animation compatible)

Spring Grass

(Animation compatible)

(Color adjustable)

(Animation compatible)
(Color adjustable)
2014-05-24 22:50:00
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2014-05-24 23:00:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
Cool texture! Although I'm not sure how possible it would be for them to be added in game :/ It would be kind of neat if we had the option to save images to our ps3 and use them in game as textures though! Ugh, now I want this
2014-05-24 23:00:00
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2014-05-25 07:28:00 / Author: Sandro8708
You can make every material with old material, only not the water. That would be a nice idea
2014-05-25 07:28:00
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2014-05-25 07:33:00 / Author: Dertyde94
According to what I see on LBP materials, I don't think Mm will let us (or for now) make our own materials.
Because materials does not only have textures... They have, and I forget some because I haven't made the game:
-texture of course
-lights effects
-other properties we know like: sound, sliding, etc... (we actually can change them)
-settings for creators like: color, animations settings, etc... (some materials only)

Of course it would be great just to change the texture. But, why couldn't we change the things I've said? It would be super great!

But of course, LBP is here to make money, and, dlc is the best way to do more money

Anyway! Nice ideas dakrrs
A mirror texture could be cool
2014-05-25 07:33:00
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