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2015-08-09 04:52:17 / Author: XZombieKing1999X
This is a poll I created to access how I need to go about starting a contest. This currently has no accountability as a real contest so please, moderators, please do not move this to the Contest section until I have 100% confirmed it's existence.

Take this short poll so I can deduct how I should run my contest, if even started.

Contest Variations Poll

2015-08-09 04:52:17
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2015-08-19 00:31:15 / Author: XZombieKing1999X
Need more poll participants to consider this contest!! The prize may reach up to a $50 PSN card if I can hit enough contestants. (I will increase with donations, and possibly talk with StevenI on purchasing DLC codes; such as free level kits and costumes?? If you already have them you still can get a $20 PSN card (country included) or a $50 depending on how many actually enter)
2015-08-19 00:31:15
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2015-08-21 20:36:14 / Author: nerd_dog
I dropped in my 2 cents lol. it'll be interesting to see another (possibly big) community based contest like this. what's your idea for management?
2015-08-21 20:36:14
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2015-08-22 03:20:44 / Author: Psmerga
I like this idea if i get it right.
I was only thinking about rewarding less money for the winner.
About 10€ each. First, second and third place.
This was one of the reasons for asking if crossbuying (over continents) of psn codes is possible.
I realized with games like counterstrike, dota2, desert combat etc... that gamers often makes better games than corporations.
Some people would pour by far more love, detail and time in their work than any money allows.
So i say 10/10 points for this idea.
2015-08-22 03:20:44
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2015-10-15 02:34:32 / Author: XZombieKing1999X
Well, until there are enough polls I won't decide any management. And I am sure you can purchase PSN specific for other nations online somehow. Never really looked. My plan was find the winner, see which country they live in, and give them the code manually 

I trust myself enough to do it, lol

But I will say, I do think contests would be funner if the owners made it to where the entries decided how the contest work

So far there have been 12 entries and I need about 25 confirmed entries before I really decide to invest my time. I may even make the contest not subject to a certain area. It will definitely be point based and hard, scores will not be hidden. If wanted I will release the rubric and how many points you earned. I may make a contest that requires all skills to be used.
Team efforts will be highly recommended but not forced. Most importantly, bias will be thrown out the window. I don't care who you are, where you come from, how many picks you have, etc. I polled that to see my own personal experiment. Do people with or without Team Picks enter contests more?
So far people with pick's want to enter more often

And NO donations will be accepted. I will fund it myself, as long as it gets enough entries. Judges will be chosen wisely as well
2015-10-15 02:34:32
Posts: 416
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