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The curious case of LittleBigNetwork

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2019-01-05 20:13:03 / Author: zero-pilote
Hey there!
I recently found some interesting stuff about LittleBigNetwork and posted all my findings on the r/littlebigplanet subreddit.

Instead of copying and pasting the post - it's quite a lenghty one - I'm just gonna link the Reddit post here so you can read it and then express your opinion here. 

2019-01-05 20:13:03
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2019-01-06 01:53:52 / Author: mdkd
Fairly interesting occurrence. Looks like due to inactivity the site was taken over by plenty of ad/virus site hosters. Mostly from China. I'm going to be asking the DreamsVerse staff what is going on there. Thanks for sharing.
2019-01-06 01:53:52
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