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2015-05-13 14:42:00 / Author: Psmerga
Am i the only one that haves seriously problems with PSN?
Since the 1.07 patch, i cant play LBP3 any more online.
PSN is instantly breaking down and i am wondering that no one says anything about it.
Youtube works fine with fullHD so it cant be because of my internet provider.
Did i miss something?
2015-05-13 14:42:00
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2015-05-13 15:12:00 / Author: BoojiBoyTravis
I'm not having issues with it, works just fine. We all know that different things happen to different people, so it has to be something with your copy of the game. Try asking StevenI about this, he will try to help you out, and because this is very strange.
2015-05-13 15:12:00
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2015-05-13 15:23:00 / Author: Indomitus1973
On PS4 I have had problems trying to play community levels, and just a few minutes ago I had a problem just viewing my own profile. The game will lock up and not respond to any buttons I press at all. These are bad enough I have to exit LBP3 with the PS button, close the application and start it again.
For me, some have been since before 1.07.

edit: Mine did not do this from the beginning. It has been kind of recent, but before 1.07
2015-05-13 15:23:00
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