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The moments I hate.

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2014-03-20 10:40:00 / Author: King_HG
Slam Wa'lekm my evil friends!


I'm gonna let you be an good guy. And leave the evil on ground!

Let's share our bad moments we had our LBP life.

For me, I shall share as possible as my battery say: You are sexy King!


Someone created a level same his all levels and just for a pick.

Like BigSurf77 for example.

2: Someone still sees you are an noob same past 5 months!


When someone seeing you a noob if you say no H4H while he is.

4:When somebody uses Grammar to broke you. Like god isn't real or he is greater then you.


When somebody told you are coping people's designs while HE IS!
Like KomodoBrothers.

6:When you randomly heart a guy who hates you.


When you press on LBP to play and you check your profile and find a bad comments.

8:When someone perfer Steve_Big_Guns on you.


You are kid. Cute and such kind. And someone wants you turn into a pervert.

9:When I photo with StevenI.. he just point his sword on me everytime we do.


People keep asking you to help them and making you shy to refuse.
So you will accept and lose your skills and imagination for the moment you been kicked from his pod.

11:Guys. The battery is saying "You Are Sexy King!"The moment when phone turns off like always while I posting every thread.

Share yours please.
Charge your battery if you're using a phone before it turns off like mine!

Crap! It's 9! When I'm writing this it was 15%!
So before turns off. I want to tell you something!

I hate you al.. *Turns off*

I'm back! I just wanted to say I love you all! Bye.
2014-03-20 10:40:00
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2014-03-20 12:11:00 / Author: Dertyde94
I love you too king!

My worst moments... Hmm it will take me a few time to remember...
Also, are you saying big surf is copying is own levels to get more pics? I haven't understood that part.

And my phone battery is 65% I hope it's enough

Edit : I know what I hate! Those moments when I'm thinking of something, and when I can see I was thinking of the contrary x)
Like : I will do that to! And then I think : blablabla it's for noobs.... Afterwards I dunno what to think and I don't do anything x)
2014-03-20 12:11:00
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2014-03-20 12:17:00 / Author: GooeyGhost
I'm sorry, but this is not making sense. You're comparing yourself to steve_big_guns, not even close.

You know what I hate?

People who all of the sudden start with this whole "Everything must be original" drama on LBP. Nothing on LBP is original, well not anymore. Every level has elements from other levels. Even if it's a replica or done in a new way. We should create what we love, not focusing on being better than (x) person, or having more plays that (y) person, or to compare ourself with other creators in anyway.

I've learned that LBP is a game, a game made to entertain you, to have fun. Concentrating on the negative aspects of it goes against everything this game stands for.
2014-03-20 12:17:00
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2014-03-20 12:19:00 / Author: dakrrs
I'm not sure if this was for real or not, because some of it may be true. You know what I hate though? Jealous people. I believe they are the reason good reviews are being countered with a boo.
2014-03-20 12:19:00
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2014-03-20 12:36:00 / Author: King_HG
No. I'm not closing to SBG. But it seems you haven't add really noble friends! I like add really noon friends more then famous. Why? They are humans! And about LBP just a game. You'rr wrong. Very. LBP is game about sharing imagination. But some people use wrong on it. You have also not people aren't that bad. I said just share your moments you hate.
2014-03-20 12:36:00
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2014-03-20 12:38:00 / Author: Dertyde94
*nothing to see here, move along*
2014-03-20 12:38:00
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2014-03-20 12:50:00 / Author: King_HG
What a stuff?
2014-03-20 12:50:00
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2014-03-20 13:04:00 / Author: KomodoBrothers
2014-03-20 13:04:00
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2014-03-20 13:09:00 / Author: GooeyGhost
I believe this thread isn't helpful and it just leads to controversy, one of the moderatos, please lock it and/or delete it. There's no point on leaving this here.
2014-03-20 13:09:00
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2014-03-20 13:11:00 / Author: King_HG
Alright, alright. I shall delete this one. Jeez. You people doesn't want to share your bad moods. So bail!
2014-03-20 13:11:00
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