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Battle with zombies (YouTube channel - powered by mdkd99)

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2015-06-27 13:24:00 / Author: mdkd
some of you guys do probably know,that I made some BWZ levels on LBP VITA.I think there aren't so much guys having a PS Vita.But still you're able to WATCH my levels!
Yes,you are able to do this.I have created a YouTube channel and actually I was thinking a long time about making a YouTube channel.
But whatever,here it is,my YOUTUBE channel:
Battle with zombies
And here you can see my channel trailer:
2015-06-27 13:24:00
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2015-06-27 14:47:00 / Author: Woutery
Is it bad that i don't see the point in this?

- YouTube and LBP are far apart from eachother. I don't see many people just finding this channel. Who is your audience? LBP people? Then why not make a level in LBP where you give them updates?
- How are you going to record gameplay? As far as i can tell, the PS Vita doesn't have any way to record from it except for recording the screen with a camera, which is a horrible way of recording anything.
- Will this be interesting to watch? I mean, i haven't played a lot of the BWZ levels especially since i lost my LBPV cartridge. The versions i've played were brilliant i must say, but isn't what you're doing now milking the level series by taking the gameplay and putting it into a new stage? If i'm wrong on this, then please tell me.
- If you just want to play LBP and also just make stuff for YouTube, then why not start an LBP series? Limiting it to just videos of your own game doesn't really make for diverse content.
2015-06-27 14:47:00
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2015-06-27 15:10:00 / Author: mdkd
Interesting points.
Well,I want to make updates on my levels and I think it's cool when I have some videos on a yt channel.
I think I will also make some other videos of LBP.
To your point:
' taking the gameplay and putting it into a new stage?'
Basicly yes,but as I said,I want to add updates like mortar strikes and something...
I'm glad that you find one of my level brilliant.I like your music and platformers.

I think everyone does have a different opinion so it's not bad that you don't see a point for this.

Thank you for commenting.
2015-06-27 15:10:00
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2015-07-03 08:11:00 / Author: mdkd
Actually there is a way how to 'find' my YouTube channel.
Just search 'mdkd99' at YouTube.You will find some videos of my german channel and my BATTLEWITHZOMBIES channel.
2015-07-03 08:11:00
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