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2016-02-22 02:48:29 / Author: Klepto the Kitten
I think this fansite would be better if it had more activity.

Just a suggestion.

2016-02-22 02:48:29
Klepto the Kitten
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2016-02-22 16:13:06 / Author: kubac2000
You're right. D: That's probably because of LBP community falling apart. I can see that too. Well I don't think it's LBP anymore :/ No friends playing this game, common bugs still not fixed.. While I'm still seeing Sumo Digital is working on this game to fix (but it's barely visible nowadays), this game is just... dying.. like painfully..

I know I went off-topic but for me as long LBP keeps quiet (and soon community of it will probably die) this forum (and many LBP based others) does.
2016-02-22 16:13:06
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2016-02-28 19:43:49 / Author: Kid_code
Eeeyup. Well, maybe if lbp4 is announced at e3 a thing may happen where people are like. OMG! MM may be workeing on this!

Also, look at sackinima. It's not lbp anymore. It's frogs. Spooky.
2016-02-28 19:43:49
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2016-03-01 17:28:50 / Author: Sound Friction

Media Molecule is not a triple A studio, this means they essentially could work only on one game at a time, which is Dreams at the moment.
2016-03-01 17:28:50
Sound Friction
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2016-03-01 21:15:20 / Author: Kid_code

Media Molecule is not a triple A studio, this means they essentially could work only on one game at a time, which is Dreams at the moment.

eeyup. i am aware that dreams is the project that they are working on but still, in the next few years or so.
2016-03-01 21:15:20
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2016-03-03 19:15:53 / Author: Sound Friction

I doubt it.
2016-03-03 19:15:53
Sound Friction
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2016-03-05 13:16:47 / Author: gurren009
All these are great posts. I gave up on the LBP series(all games included) because I was so tired of the long loading times and incredible lag. But I still do admire the incredible creations of the small, but amazing LBP community!
2016-03-05 13:16:47
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2016-03-08 12:55:23 / Author: Indomitus1973
Speaking for myself, I still love LBP, but I just don't play as much anymore.  I've been channeling that creativity more into learning Blender lately.  So here I am with 3 or 4 huge LBP projects in various states of completion, focused more on learning how to create my own animations.  I was never really deep in LBP but it's a great community.  Shame to see it dwindling.

I would love to see an LBP4 announcement soon, but with my wishlist of features, it would most likely be a disappointment for me.  I mean, the big jump from LBP2 to LBP3 was, what, a few additional characters and a deeper set of layers to play in.  There was logic added, but that was negated when they took away some of the more useful logic glitches.  If they have any sense, they'll keep moving in the Mario footsteps and give us full 3D, like an official top-down mode or something.  All they really have to do is lay those 16 layers on the side, give it a decent follow camera, and make it render correctly at that angle.  But they could also pull in aspects of Karting's engine to handle it, and give us full sculptable landscapes and the ability to build semi-open worlds.  That would get me really excited about it again. 
Put it on PS4 only, offer some limited backward compatibility, go for broke and don't look back.
It would be best if MM were back in the picture, but I doubt it would happen, that or we'd be waiting way too long for it.
2016-03-08 12:55:23
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2016-03-09 20:10:22 / Author: Psmerga
I really loved LBP series until 3rd part.
It has plenty new features but it did split the community apart.
Instead of fixing the game, they obviously abandoned the game for the dreams project.
In my eyes, it is LBP4 but like 3rd had to be.
At the same time, they didnt forgot to update new pay dlc.
I think not fixing the bugs is the main reason for people to play way less time or go back to lbp2.
I am also turning generaly away from sony.
The games became tools to steal money in my opinion.
Most of games cant catch my interest even if given for free.
That would be my reason for decresing my playtime drasticaly.
Still i hope for a wonder and wish to all other player fun with games.
To bad that my laptop is way to slow for Unreal engine.
I imagine that i would have great fun there.
2016-03-09 20:10:22
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2016-03-10 18:32:48 / Author: nerd_dog
"I think this fansite would be better if it had more activity.

Just a suggestion."

yea that's kind of a given.. lol
2016-03-10 18:32:48
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2016-03-22 18:39:51 / Author: XZombieKing1999X
Well, I am back personally. I decided I wanted to start working on new projects.
2016-03-22 18:39:51
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