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LBPHotspot - Win Money by Making Levels!

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2015-10-03 04:07:52 / Author: lbpwebsiteadmin
Hello, friends. I would like you to tell you about an awesome new LBP fansite called LBPHotspot, where you can win money by making levels and meet new friends. We're also in the process of obtaining crown codes for future contests. If you consider yourself a fan of LBP, you should definitely check it out. Registration is free and easy.

We hope you'll visit us! 

2015-10-03 04:07:52
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2015-10-09 01:13:31 / Author: nerd_dog
hmm.. very interesting.

I actually believe that it's against EULA to give cash prizes for levels.. I could be wrong on this. but maybe if it's all done outside of LBP, it wont matter
2015-10-09 01:13:31
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2015-10-09 15:16:49 / Author: Tomsnodgrass
I tried to go on the site but for me It is blocked.
2015-10-09 15:16:49
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2015-10-11 06:46:51 / Author: dakrrs
I'm a member of the site. It seems really new since the activity is at a minimum right now.
2015-10-11 06:46:51
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2015-10-13 00:56:33 / Author: lbpwebsiteadmin

I think it's against the EULA to sell stuff in LBP, but I don't see why cash prizes would not be allowed. Other fansites have already hosted contests with PSN cards as prizes. We give you the extra option of receiving cash instead of PSN cards.

Yes, we launched our site only about a month ago. However, it seems that all the LBP fansites have been lacking activity recently. We will try our best to build an active userbase.
2015-10-13 00:56:33
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