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How to stream GamePlay Footage from Ps3/ps4 to Youtube

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2014-06-29 10:47:00 / Author: Deleted User
Ever wondered how to stream gameplay footage from your ps3/ps4 to YouTube? don't you worry I have a solution!

There are two ways/methods.

The first one is paying for a high tech gadget called Hauppauge HD 2 (Gaming Edition) it costs about $80/£80 to $100/£100 here's a link if your interested

But then again not every one has money or likes to spend a wad of cash so there's a different Free! way

there is a free software called XSplit GameCaster witch allows you to stream gameplay from your ps3 for absolutely free! hers the link for that as well

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy streaming gameplay!

Quick Did You Know Fact : You Get a pin for streaming gameplay footage of tutorials that you have made onto YouTube?
just publish a level about your YouTube channel and the info about it and you never know you may even get the crown for it!

~ Mr lasagna
2014-06-29 10:47:00
Deleted User
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2014-06-29 13:20:00 / Author: GooeyGhost
awesome to know! Thanks!
2014-06-29 13:20:00
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2014-07-02 03:17:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
Really cool, I might have to try this out actually... With the Hauppauge can I record my screen too, or just stream?
2014-07-02 03:17:00
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2014-07-02 05:45:00 / Author: VeryCoolMe
Ooh! Awesome to know! There is my chance to get a "Did you see what I did there?" pin!
2014-07-02 05:45:00
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2014-07-02 06:55:00 / Author: Joshua the Hedgefox
I didn't know there was a pin for that, and I do have a Youtube channel...
2014-07-02 06:55:00
Joshua the Hedgefox
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2014-07-02 09:43:00 / Author: Deleted User

I prefer the Elgato Game Capture HD it has a Twitch / Youtube streaming feature.
2014-07-02 09:43:00
Deleted User
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