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About me, GlaceAce20!

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2015-09-16 16:30:24 / Author: GlaceAce20
Heyyo there! Seems like you came here to know about me.

To start of, my name is Brooklyn and i am 11 years old. I play on the PS4/Playstation 4! so feel free to ask me any questions! My goal in LBP is to be a true film maker! Yes. I make films. And for poeple to support my Youtube channel!
I love to show stuff i made to poeple because i make things that i actually aren't in able to make at my age!
But all i want is to be known! So i can show my cool creations!

My Youtube channel link!

I like making friends! But you have to ask me first to be your friend because i have privicy-settings for the spammers!
Also. I would like to meet you someday. If its possible. Just send me a message if you ever want to meet me ^^
2015-09-16 16:30:24
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2015-09-16 20:34:38 / Author: DMBIRK5000
I would love to have you on my friends list, i am on the PlayStation 4 / PS4 as well! If you would like to add me, my username is "DMBIRK5000". I subscribed to your YouTube channel too, good luck in the future, hope your dream of becoming a film maker becomes true one day!
2015-09-16 20:34:38
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2015-09-19 21:49:22 / Author: GlaceAce20
2015-09-19 21:49:22
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