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Why would anyone listen

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2014-10-19 08:03:00 / Author: Deleted User
WHY WOULD ANYONE LISTEN? you all think im green bear that's why! IM NOT GREEN BEAR! GREEN BEAR IS No_Good_At_Snipe! she hates me! so she used my PSN ID!
2014-10-19 08:03:00
Deleted User
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2014-10-19 08:15:00 / Author: RedPanda
It's getting a bit embarrassing now :/
2014-10-19 08:15:00
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2014-10-19 08:19:00 / Author: Deleted User
But its so firkin annoying! She doesn't like me SO she made a troll account for LBF With my PSN ID After me saying I m gonna join. Didn't join because im forgetful and lazy but NOOOOO You think im the troll... she really got you guys fooled
2014-10-19 08:19:00
Deleted User
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2014-10-19 09:21:00 / Author: RedPanda
You told me via PSN that you were Green Bear.
2014-10-19 09:21:00
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2014-10-19 10:21:00 / Author: gurren009
This thread is pointless. If Green bear took over your account, don't go blaming us that no one would listen. That's your own problem. I'd suggest contacting Sony if it's that serious. EDIT: My mistake. Looks like you really are Green bear and your just wasting our time.
2014-10-19 10:21:00
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2014-10-19 10:30:00 / Author: FreddyFerrari
Let's check your IPs ...

EDIT: Same IPs => You are Green Bear

Stop creating new accounts or an IP ban follows immediately

2014-10-19 10:30:00
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