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Hearting a level... Without yaying it!?

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2013-08-01 20:06:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
I notice many people do this on my levels... Personally I yay/heart every level I play (since I'm like the nicest guy ever duh)! Do you every heart without yaying!?
2013-08-01 20:06:00
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2013-08-01 23:39:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Lol same here and I guess the right thing is to yay first the level and then heart it
2013-08-01 23:39:00
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2013-08-02 04:09:00 / Author: TheOfficialKing
The reason why they don't yay is because it seems to them as an useless option.I personally would have never yayed a level ever if I hadn't seen the boo option because it gave me a choice making it obvious it had a functionality,but to people who just started LBP it seems like a random button that has no particular functions.I know because I've tested it on friends.And for solid proof go to a 2011 level and look at yay-play ration then go to a 2013 level and look at it's yay play ratio.The truth is...since the boo option have been removed, nobody really bothers to yay a level.But hearting is an obvious way of showing appreciation towards a level.
2013-08-02 04:09:00
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2013-08-02 04:35:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
Hmm I guess so... And come to think of it one of my close irl friends does the same heart with no yay! Really bugs me sometimes lol
2013-08-02 04:35:00
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2013-08-02 05:24:00 / Author: PyroTrooper91
Lol, another option is that maybe they forget to yay? I don't know really Maybe King is right.
2013-08-02 05:24:00
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2013-08-02 05:44:00 / Author: jhonsiak
I forget to yay too sometimes
2013-08-02 05:44:00
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2013-08-02 10:09:00 / Author: yoghurt2000
I think King is right. But what they should make for lbp 3 is a rating system similar to lbp1, but not with auto 3 stars. More like a scale from 1-10 and you have to write it in manually and you'll have to rate it to proceed. Something like that would be better IMO.
2013-08-02 10:09:00
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2013-08-02 10:52:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
Ya that would be good hopefully lbp3 comes out
2013-08-02 10:52:00
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2013-08-03 00:27:00 / Author: epicQ_
I expect sumo digital is coming out with an amazing game.... Hopefully we have more that one community managers so the sumo or MM picks won't be based on the opinion of one person. & a more content controlled community, because if I buy a PS4 & LBP3 ( LBPe:1 if you prefer). And... I see... A Angry Bird Survival... Oh Hell No!!!
2013-08-03 00:27:00
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2013-08-03 13:32:00 / Author: kip_paard_koe123
I almost yay n heart every level lol
2013-08-03 13:32:00
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