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2015-07-19 03:04:08 / Author: BLAHBLAH1000
Hey guys!
So I've recently been experimenting with the Unity Engine to learn how to code and make games. In a couple hours (and a tutorial, ssshhhhhh) I was able to throw together this groundbreaking platformer where fuzzy goes on his most epic adventure yet!

After experimenting with the Unreal Development Kit years ago I've always wanted to learn how to write code. LBP logic was a great introduction to the basic idea of it, but I want to eventually publish my own stuff across other devices (IOS, Android, PC, ect). I have a little experience with Java but it's gunna be a lot of practice before I can code as quickly and easily as LBP logic :/

My main goal is to re-create Rocket Twinkie in unity, allowing everybody to play it! If you guys have any experience with Unity or C# let me know! I would love to see your stuff!
2015-07-19 03:04:08
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2015-07-19 06:16:32 / Author: amiel445566
Can't help you cause I don't know code, but keep it up!
2015-07-19 06:16:32
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2015-07-21 03:16:30 / Author: BLAHBLAH1000
Sneaky Peeky

Model is the easy part, it's gunna take me a while to actually code the entire thing :/
2015-07-21 03:16:30
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