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About the lbpk Beta and its beta vest

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2014-11-01 16:03:00 / Author: SirPuddlesworth
I know this is an old topic to talk about, but I never thought about it until now when my friend pointed it out to me that he got his beta vest through the lbpk beta test, now I like in EU I dunno if that has anything to do with it, but it was sent to my dads email (i used his email for my ps3 back when i first made my account) and I can only hope that I can get it, I have a total of 3 accounts because of the amount of levels I post, and the amount of items in my popit, Hopefully someone can give me an answer. Little big planet is my main game, I got lbp1 at launch and before launch I'd watch the E3 trailer for lbp on a loop and analyze it to death. I loved the part of the trailer where he would put the stars on the other sackboys head, anyway, that is beside the point, it has been a long time now and I feel bummed out as of recent that I find out that, that was how my friend got his beta shirt and I don't have it for some unknown reason, which is why i'd hope you guys can help me solve this.
2014-11-01 16:03:00
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2014-11-01 17:02:00 / Author: JellyBellyScout
If you can't gain access to the email i don't think you can ever get the code sorry.
2014-11-01 17:02:00
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2014-11-01 17:17:00 / Author: SirPuddlesworth
If i were to recover the email and show proof of that emails existence do you think Mm would they help me out? is there a code i should look for, since it is not my email i can't get it just now, but i'd like to find it as soon as possible, thanks for the reply by the way! i appreciate every piece of help and all feedback, I am very passionate about lbp as many of you brothers and sisters of little big planet out there. I only wish to wear my mark of honor. <3
2014-11-01 17:17:00
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2014-11-01 18:18:00 / Author: Littlebigbrick
If you try messaging mm with proof you certainly might getthe vest. Good luck! (I wish i had a beta vest ;D)
2014-11-01 18:18:00
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2014-11-02 01:53:00 / Author: RedPanda
Sign in to the PSN you think you might of used here: The code should appear in "Vouchers" but given how most codes expire over 1-2 years, you may be out of luck
2014-11-02 01:53:00
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