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Lets talk about a person from littlebigplanet.

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2014-12-22 13:03:00 / Author: ZombieKitty
So how should I say this?
There's a player on lbp2 &1 who copy levels and I don't mean the ones that have the copy on them I mean cold hard hacks to copy a non copable levels. His name is Ayee_Its_Dead and you may know him or not but he's the only player that went so far into littlebigplanet that we are all passed off at him.

He copays levels and says he made it.
He jailedbreaked his system ( read terms of service about the punishment )
He has alts that do the same thing including one that over max the level publish 20 and his alt has 40
He stole all The rare items from lbp from the crown to the deleted costume like the directors cut and bee costume
He also stole pins too like the mm pick pin and we can see he didn't have a level that's has a pick on it!

Should we start a riot to ban this player? He totally like broke a lot of rules on here and players has been trying to ban him. but he never gotten banned.
2014-12-22 13:03:00
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2014-12-22 14:10:00 / Author: gurren009
It's probably too late. There are already plenty of copiers and glitchers that have already ruined lbp2/lbp1. Let's just hope he doesn't come ruin lbp3.
2014-12-22 14:10:00
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2014-12-22 14:20:00 / Author: Woutery
Don't we all know that dude? We've all been on the Cool Pages one day...

This guy here is the REAL scum that we should keep away from LBP. He'se a H4H'ing n00b from LBPV. On there, he'se really popular. Why? He made one 100-jump level and then kept making other crappy levels to accompany it, then had all of those linking over to his jump level. How much plays? 15,000+. If he hadn't removed it a while ago it would've gotten even more, as his linking constantly kept giving him plays. (Just saying, one day he bullied a really young kid who played LBPV who did the same, he made an entire level asking the guy to apologize to "the entire community" for doing something so "terrible", yet Mido does the exact same, he even did it at the time. The guy eventually said sorry because he was being pressed and bullied by every single fan of Mido, and since he was really young he didn't even understand why he had to do that and just went on, becoming hated and quitting.)

He can't stand critisism either, a long time ago i gave feedback on his jump level, he removed it, and started a total hate campaign against me. And basically it became succesful, because his fans consist of a bunch of dumb 10-year-olds that don't know good levels and praise his brushed together crapthings he makes. They all follow Mido, even when he said i was a "bully", so in the years i've played LBPV, he'se gotten my profile spammed up by people, i've gotten hate messages both on my comments and PSN messages, and levels against me as well. Everyone on the game thinks i'm a hateful bully when all i do is give critisism to people who definitely need it. Not only me, he'se also attacked other members of the community, one guy literally got a depression from him - not lying.

The only reason he has 1000+ hearts on LBPV is because he keeps on spamming "save ducks, heart me and i'll save a duck" and i bet people actually believe his spam.
2014-12-22 14:20:00
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2014-12-22 14:30:00 / Author: JellyBellyScout
You can't stop the spam. Banning people won't help because someone will just take their place.

Most of of the community likes crap. That won't change.
2014-12-22 14:30:00
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2014-12-22 14:54:00 / Author: ZombieKitty
WAnna join me on lbp? I'm . With the guy now!
2014-12-22 14:54:00
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2014-12-22 15:53:00 / Author: ZombieKitty
Well yea but it will stop the guy from what he's doing

I've talked to the guy and I told him "dude your a player who steals other people's levels for yourself" and he flipped out saying these were his levels he made from his old accounts but I thought to my self "Oh heck no, dude I played this levels before u joined the community!" He was gonna report me for saying "dude your such a d*ck head" and I'm like and ima report you for calling me a " a little girl who loves to date people on lbp and love doing them you c*nt" and I'm not little I'm just short that's all but I think he's the same age as me or 1 year older I'd I'm 16 tho. I told my best friend about him and he totally believes me because he knows that he didn't make any of them and he knows that Dead hacked a lot of stuff.
I also sencored some of my words just so my page won't get blocked and me suspended from here
2014-12-22 15:53:00
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2014-12-22 16:04:00 / Author: ZombieKitty
Oh noooo dead has lbp3 on the ps4 D;
The lbp series is ruined now because of him!
2014-12-22 16:04:00
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