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2015-04-20 00:36:00 / Author: sana_88
Yeah, well school started again, and I only can get about 2 and a half days of gaming weekly. So the projects' expected release dates, have been set back.
So yeah... I'm very devastated with these set backs, such as data corruption and time slots. So when I get on the PS3, I'll be sure to make the best I can, faster, and better!
Since I'm in Australia (Time zone is very different to most of you, UTC+ 10:00) I probably won't be on as much as you'd be on, so yeah...
Not that enthusiastic in this thread, mainly since school has started (Well, that's obvious )
I think that the term ends somewhere 20th June, I think I might be wrong, so I'll be a bit more active after that!

Even though I am not gonna be as active on PS3, I am still highly active on LBF!
Which means I can look at level recs etc and queue them for later!
2015-04-20 00:36:00
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2015-04-20 01:49:00 / Author: CuriousSack
I wish you a good start for school again! Next break will come for sure! Enjoy the time with friends and friendly teachers!

Many greetings, J├╝rgen^^
2015-04-20 01:49:00
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2015-04-20 04:51:00 / Author: sana_88
Damn... That last part won't be happening
Nau, I kinda hate some of my teachers (That might seem cold, but trust me, be me for a day and you'll see...)
I had to do a beep test with a bad ankle (Did pretty well though) and then have training later at 7PM-9PM (Man it's harder to train when your ankle is horrible )
2015-04-20 04:51:00
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2015-04-20 07:23:00 / Author: CuriousSack
Believe me, Liam, I'm glad that I'll never have to visit school again!
2015-04-20 07:23:00
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2015-04-20 09:00:00 / Author: Tynz21
I'm glad to be in college nowadays. To be honest, if I could I'd stay in school my entire life and just get degree after degree after degree. Unfortunately though bills are a thing. But if I ever won the lottery...
2015-04-20 09:00:00
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2015-04-20 12:20:00 / Author: DiamondDiancie10
Have you ever heard of Homeschooling? If you do not like your Teachers, tell your parents everything you do not like about them, and if you like your parents better, they could be your teachers! Just a suggestion...
2015-04-20 12:20:00
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2015-04-20 13:28:00 / Author: CuriousSack
Homeschooling is not in every country an option! Here in Germany we have no homeschooling! Probably thats the reason why my nerves are still strong!
2015-04-20 13:28:00
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2015-04-20 13:54:00 / Author: sana_88
Why the hell would I like homeschooling
I'm pretty sure there is none here in Australia, plus it has negatives.
Less social life.
Actually that's about it
2015-04-20 13:54:00
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