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What are the most rushed things you have created in LBP2?

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2014-04-06 14:16:00 / Author: xan-con
Since all of my levels are within the XVTW series and I have always been afraid of deleting them, I think all of them have been extremely rushed in their own ways. However, I think that the most technically rushed ones have been Part 1 (should have done more to prevent first-time players from taking the wrong path), Part 6 (level design could have been quite a lot better), Part 2 (the new version is good, but a pretty mixed bag overall), all three sections of Part 7 (especially 7A, one of the worst cutscenes ever; to be honest, the escape sequence from 7C is underrated), the space-shooting level (this was barely even necessary at all), and the bonus ending (although it was actually pretty unique and creepy).

What are your most rushed projects?
2014-04-06 14:16:00
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2014-04-06 20:29:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
Man, my most rushed project would have to be my "Smog City" Level ( I was creating it for a contest and I was coming down to the deadline and I basically just rushed through the last part. Gah that level is so bad
2014-04-06 20:29:00
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2014-04-06 23:43:00 / Author: xan-con
Amazingly, one of my most rushed levels so far has been the extra finale of my series. I eventually realized that LBP2's community levels were little more than a novelty. After the "bad" ending of Part 7C, your escape pod is wrecked underground with you being the sole survivor. I thought I had completely run out of ideas (I'm not exactly professional or even very good), but, somehow, I bizarrely had just enough creative juice left to make the gameplay functional, realistic, creepy, and challenging without using fancy power-ups or blatantly ripping off Metroid. Although I barely put enough focus into this level to finish it, it turned out fine. Basically, you have to climb your way back up toward the surface, only to find out that it's a nightmare.
2014-04-06 23:43:00
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2014-04-07 22:00:00 / Author: dakrrs
Everything. . Jk. It seems that way sometimes.

The original Dragon Fire and everything that was published BEFORE chestnut platformer.
2014-04-07 22:00:00
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2014-04-11 17:41:00 / Author: TheMonkeyBlade
To be honest, the most rushed thing I've ever made in LBP was probably the second part of "Don't Touch my Wood!" I seriously made it in a few hours, because I wanted it published.
2014-04-11 17:41:00
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