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2013-10-22 07:20:00 / Author: Darkrodent
Hi, Im a pretty good creator, I have wanted to be MM pick ever since i got LBP2 (about 3 years ago) and, to be honest i have never come close! I have no idea how to get famous, i haven't met ANY famous creators and i don't like advertising my levels because it's for noobs. But this level i'm working on, jeez i could have a serious chance!! i'm posting this now because nobody ever reads my posts and by the time anyone DOES read my post, it would be published and that's why im asking you to give me as much encouragement as possible because the amount of levels i have given up is unbelievable. So when the level does come out, and you play it, and don't like it... Please don't hate tell me how i can improve!!! i LOVE creating and i would love it even more if i was MM pick I've wanted it for 3 YEARS NOW!! and this could be my chance if you wanna see my profile click this link>>> and pictures of my level SHOULD be there
Thank you SO much for reading this, I appreciate it!
2013-10-22 07:20:00
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2013-10-22 09:51:00 / Author: JellyBellyScout
Kind of just luck actually
2013-10-22 09:51:00
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2013-10-22 09:53:00 / Author: JellyBellyScout
But I'll play it! Guess I'm helping anyway
2013-10-22 09:53:00
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2013-10-22 09:57:00 / Author: Darkrodent
Tanks Jelly, i forgot to put your name in it...SORRY!!
2013-10-22 09:57:00
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2013-10-22 10:13:00 / Author: Z1091990
i dont get why so many people want an MM pick!? MM picks are worthless in my opinion every random creator got at least 1 with an average Mainstream level! play create share thats the best way to enjoy this game
2013-10-22 10:13:00
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2013-10-22 10:23:00 / Author: JellyBellyScout
People like to get mm picked just as a reward I guess. I gave up though
2013-10-22 10:23:00
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2013-10-22 10:29:00 / Author: Darkrodent
JELLY!! What about Adrift! That was the best level i've ever played!! it HAS to get MM pick!!
2013-10-22 10:29:00
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2013-10-22 10:38:00 / Author: avundcv
I don't agree wit a point, you mentioned.
Advertising your level in a showthrad of one of the LBP forums is not for noobs.
It's a good way to say other forum members: "here is my level. I loved creating it and I would love, if you'll give it a try".
Nearly all famous creators advertise their levels in a forum's showthread.

Btw. you only have one playable level on your earth. That's only one chance to get a pick.
Maybe you should create more levels.
I'm not sure if I played it some month ago. It sounds familiar to me. However. I queued it now and will give it a try.
2013-10-22 10:38:00
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2013-10-22 13:07:00 / Author: xan-con
I feel your pain (I've been trying for weeks now), but I don't want an MM pick. I just want to be recognized for the uniqueness that I worked hard to accomplish with my currently finished XVTW series. I will not continue the series unless
1. each level has at least 50-100 plays, and
2. someone gives me a good idea as a recommendation to add a few extra chapters

I hope that LBP3 has enough built-in tools for me to redesign the series into something (a lot) bigger, better, and more polished than what it is now. I can always dream...

Also, is it wrong that I only have the Pirates Of The Caribbean, Metal Gear Solid, and Infinite Checkpoint level kits? Does anyone think Attract-O-Gel is a little overrated?
2013-10-22 13:07:00
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2013-10-22 13:48:00 / Author: JellyBellyScout
@ above somewhere: adrift will probably get around 300 plays
2013-10-22 13:48:00
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2013-10-22 19:21:00 / Author: GooeyGhost
Popularity? MMPicks? Hearts? Plays?

Kid I'm gonna give it straight to you. THEY AREN'T IMPORTANT. Of course we want people to play our level, of course we get happy when someone YAY's it & go happily mental for a heart. But should we really care for the "How Many". You know what makes you feel great in this game? A "Dude your awesome" comment or a well crafted positive review. Those things are what really should motivate you to keep creating. Not the pursuit for a pink bow that simply represents that StevenI liked your levels. The greatest levels in this community aren't Team picks.

Most Team Picks are most likely to be player friendly (Dialog, easy gameplay, etc...), they look nice.
Not many really challenge the player or can't even be called original. Of course there MMpicks that make your jaw drop to the floor, but the MMPicks are monopolized by Generic Platforming, mainstream mini games, etc... Making originality the most exotic of categories.

Love the game & create to entertain.
2013-10-22 19:21:00
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2013-10-22 20:37:00 / Author: knowntokill
I would write something but I think what Z10 and RTR said just about sums it up! Good luck

@RainbowT-rex Oh and I think all of the MM Picks are easy because... Well, I think we all know why
2013-10-22 20:37:00
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2013-10-22 20:52:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
What I would say to you is don't set your expectations super high, like getting an MM pick. What I used to do is think "ok my goal on this level is 1,000 plays" and then if i got it great I would say my goal for my next level is 2,000! Aiming for forum picks is also a good goal to think of. Personally i never even expected to get MM picked and I can sure as heck tell you I wasn't creating my level and the whole time thinking of getting a pick. Because trust me it kills allot of the joy if you don't get what you want. So basically what I'm trying to say is: just have some fun and getting recognized can just be icing on the cake! Good luck
2013-10-22 20:52:00
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2013-10-22 23:56:00 / Author: Darkrodent
Suppose your right and i am actually working on 3 levels now!! And i know that i wont get MM pick with only one level published, but i mean when i DO publish my new level i might get a chance
2013-10-22 23:56:00
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2013-10-22 23:58:00 / Author: Darkrodent
Here some new pics ENJOY
2013-10-22 23:58:00
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2013-10-23 05:16:00 / Author: JellyBellyScout
I guess you guys are right, just kind of good to get a reward for working on a level, it's becoming a chore
2013-10-23 05:16:00
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2014-01-21 07:47:00 / Author: dakrrs
"Nearly all famous creators advertise their levels in a forum's showthread."

Not me. I got lucky.
2014-01-21 07:47:00
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