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Extra Life LBP 2018

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2018-10-31 22:59:37 / Author: p-p-j
Hey! We're hosting Extra Life LBP, a 24 hour charity marathon on this Saturday, November 3rd. The marathon will be streamed to Twitch at
On the stream, we will be doing all kinds of things LBP, and maybe even outside of LBP! Last year, we had people complete the story mode of LBP as fast as possible, we had people play community levels with viewers, we had a person speedcreate a level live on stream, we had a person do a logic demonstration on LBP2, we had a glitch showcase and we had a live music creating session, outside of LBP!

We're looking for people to help us with organizing the event. All help is appreciated, and it can be just about anything. If you're an artist, you can help us with art and visuals for the stream. If you're a video editor, you can make videos for us to fit the event. If you have ideas for the event, you can help with planning the event! Or in the best case, being part of the stream itself!

If you're interested in being part of the stream, you are able to do just about anything related to LBP, or even outside of LBP! Note that you don't have to be there for the full 24 hours on Saturday, we will be doing things in turns and will try to find times that are suitable for everyone.

We're also planning to have this event focused on other Media Molecule games too, like Tearaway. Our team name after all, is called Community Molecules.

So, if you have just about anything you are good at, think you could help us out with, or have an idea for the stream, you're more than welcome to be a part of the team!

- Community Molecules
2018-10-31 22:59:37
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