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[Roughly 15 Fresh-S2] Post-mortem1waffleking232018-12-06 23:02:54
Crepuscular Ray effect8JokerOnline222018-10-03 07:12:38
"Checkered Fabric" pattern4Morfe2018-06-02 20:39:39
[Roughly 15 Fresh-S2] Midseason Livestream Announcement and Production Question1waffleking232018-05-29 01:33:16
LBP4 Intro Video4CodemanPSX2018-04-01 10:31:44
How to get hated on by absolutely everyone3zero-pilote2018-02-15 06:42:36
What happened to level stitching?7No one You Know2018-02-02 19:30:54
Steven Isbell5iitc2018-01-19 00:10:01
Freakshow of a Carnival Warehouse LEVEL OF THE DAY3stixxs2017-11-16 14:07:06
Forum Stickers for levels3stixxs2017-11-16 02:24:02
LBP3 - PS3 - Looking For New Friends!1Waffy2017-10-27 16:14:40
Is noone care about LBP group stability?20COB-Commander2017-10-23 00:09:37
LBP3 on PS3. should I get it?9MaddisonGamer62017-10-08 07:59:57
Level that have been canceled or lost5TwisterKiller702017-09-14 03:04:54
[Roughly 15 Fresh] Season End Questionaire-thingy4waffleking232017-09-01 09:39:44
Any Create Groups I could Join ?1Lillianna2nite2017-07-31 14:31:12
[Suggestion] PS4 Exclusive template + Features!3BenSmart1122017-06-24 04:35:09
New Logic Ideas9BenSmart1122017-06-23 19:17:19
New Level DLC3Psmerga2017-06-03 10:34:57
LittleBigForum Sticker6CuriousSack2017-04-21 11:16:00
Changing colour of score bubbles?4Rainbowginge2017-04-12 08:57:25
Interactive objects7Rainbowginge2017-03-27 18:00:34
Help with rail hooks please6Rainbowginge2017-03-22 18:44:32
LBP3 players, I need you to please help me out on a LBP3 survey for my master thesis!5student2017-03-06 20:20:46
Help with music objects/ custom characters4Rainbowginge2017-03-02 09:33:30
HELP PLEASE2Margwa15242017-02-13 02:16:39
Thinking of making biggest project I've been working on (Canceled, may share it)12kubac20002017-02-08 22:15:43
LittleBigTeamPicks (LBP3)1Tyrew122017-01-27 13:45:57
Everything went to the drain :(5vusco2017-01-09 16:18:53
Help with dlc10Patdom1192017-01-07 03:08:47
LBP3 Won't let me publish a HUGE project! Please hear me out. I need devs to see this30MadPropz1012016-12-13 01:48:27
Advanced in/out movers mess up multi-layer objects2Platysynthesis2016-12-11 18:42:14
Can we vote for the next dlc ?5monsieur_tim2016-12-02 17:14:07
check out my twitter2Kukalek2016-11-30 14:22:45
Creating a level - How much Time do you need?24FreddyFerrari2016-11-27 08:51:21
lbp3 level buddys!8moterhead19762016-10-09 07:18:27
save the sack bots!2moterhead19762016-07-15 10:02:59
LBP Vita import?6Domno6662016-06-21 01:53:43
LBP3 - Which is Better - PS3 vs. PS4 Ports32BoojiBoyTravis2016-06-11 14:11:33
"Don't Go Alone..." Trophy3dinorap12016-06-09 02:19:15
(lbp logic) An easy way to do division?3krokkoguy2016-06-01 22:46:59
Is LBP3 Still Alive?14gurren0092016-04-17 13:32:26
Need friends on LBP3 PS31gurren0092016-04-09 21:43:12
The Legends - CLOSED BETA2Gionator232016-04-01 23:31:04
Dive-In Montage 32BLAHBLAH10002016-03-30 01:06:40
My YouTube Channel!3GlaceAce202016-01-21 22:41:32
Incorporation of DS4 functions to custom levels?3Trayvargus2016-01-18 21:55:14
Need Help Making Somthing? I Can Help!4HungryBoy022016-01-10 17:02:52
New YouTube Channel!2Trayvargus2016-01-10 08:31:24
LBP3 Won't let me join my friend(s)3PenguCO2015-12-23 21:03:27
There will be DLC for christmas?2Animekittenn2015-12-17 15:50:10
Why no festive goodies pack this year?3Space-_-monkey822015-12-10 18:29:40
Ideas!3BoojiBoyTravis2015-11-28 00:03:22
Open beta until 7 pm est3shookie992015-11-20 14:40:04
Getting people playing levels/ getting noticed2NobodyVII2015-11-12 23:29:29
Create Mode Suggestion: Separated map size option3kubac20002015-10-25 22:54:18
Is this bothering anyone else?1MaverickHP2015-10-18 14:28:45
Let's Create a Level series!7five-ate-five2015-08-16 23:12:14
Still can't join friends after 1.11?7BoojiBoyTravis2015-08-10 15:32:23
LBP Load Time Test3AL2009man2015-08-10 04:28:15
Does anyone recognize this?6Godzilla2015-08-07 16:44:12
LBP3 Finally Shaping Up?39nerd_dog2015-07-22 18:03:19
Logic purposely broken?5amiel4455662015-07-16 23:04:11
Lbp3: Please Bring Back/ Add These Things To The Game18CarlosTrejo23082015-07-15 22:47:56
LBP3:" Realse now, update later"1CarlosTrejo23082015-07-15 17:08:29
lbp3 players on ps38hard puzzle2015-07-14 21:32:45
Save game, game progress problem!2p1002015-07-13 02:33:14
"Make it rain"1Fox2015-07-10 03:37:00
Need second player to coop missions in DLC returning home1Sharfik19952015-07-10 00:00:00
LBP limitations8Fox2015-07-09 02:18:00
[General] Little Big Planet Bugs,1petethepug2015-07-06 11:21:00
Some things that are BUGGING me with this game.2HoustonAP2015-07-06 09:39:00
New on LBP3 (Ps4)4Smeagollin2015-07-02 06:26:00
Awesomesauce Pin15Aye_Jaye132015-07-01 12:15:00
:3 How do I look?1petethepug2015-07-01 12:11:00
I finally picked up LBP3.........10TheSangheiliGeek2015-06-30 23:14:00
Just curious...3Fox Stevenson2015-06-30 08:37:00
A sad day for PS3 users,32petethepug2015-06-29 17:49:00
Community Rewind6TheAliklumKnight2015-06-24 20:04:00
LBP3 cross buy?4five-ate-five2015-06-23 13:59:00
Cant emit notes??5airide2015-06-23 11:40:00
Streaming LPB32jdrizzle032015-06-19 20:05:00
Too many ppl playing work n buy rpg32AmputeeFantasy2015-06-14 16:36:00
More DLC issues8Psmerga2015-06-10 22:38:00
Need friends9gurren0092015-06-09 17:03:00
How does one report issues/bugs?2Ninjexcan2015-06-06 15:49:00
LBP3 PS4 any Screenshot in game! :D3mandogy2015-06-06 12:46:00
LBP3 PS3 Loading screen2Marckwell2015-05-31 08:52:00
Is lbp hub still coming out?8Aye_Jaye132015-05-30 15:04:00
My shared items and things Im learning1Indomitus19732015-05-26 09:01:00
Cant access building tools [PS3]3DaCheezBoss2015-05-14 10:55:00
Whos your favourite LBP3 playable character? :D15DaCheezBoss2015-05-05 12:56:00
I know its common but (DLC ISSUE) I really need help3Ryluss2015-05-03 10:09:00
I need ps4 LBP 3 buddies1Godzilla40002015-05-02 14:06:00
Adventure time dlc prices?16HoustonAP2015-04-30 17:58:00
Some info about thermo4Psmerga2015-04-30 01:06:00
Whyyyy! Oh the inhumanity! (LBP3 Analog signals)14Tynz212015-04-20 14:44:00
LBP3 Feedback Reports53DeKa13572015-04-16 06:04:00
Is it true?7Potrock stir2015-04-12 21:08:00
[LBP3] =/.6petethepug2015-04-12 14:42:00
[LBP 3] Block Party (Future 2.0 Update suggestions)1petethepug2015-04-12 02:23:00
In your opinion4Potrock stir2015-04-11 12:07:00
*moderated title*19Seleven72015-04-10 22:22:00
Need players for a race to the stars! I have 2 controllers, need at least one person (with 2 controllers also). Will pro1Megablob2015-04-10 18:24:00
Cross-Controller sounds.7Pan_Ziemniak2015-04-10 06:30:00
[LBP 3] What do you think I should do once I get it? ;33petethepug2015-04-08 19:44:00
[LBP 3] PS3 Help & PS4?10petethepug2015-04-07 14:59:00
#Steven where are the team picks? :011CTP12PL2015-04-05 23:57:00
A Question About Cross Controller DLC on LBP 36TastyScotty99992015-04-05 23:03:00
What Kind Of Building Methods Is Being Used Here?37Blacksackman2015-03-29 11:46:00
LittleBigPlanet3: Pros/Cons8sana_882015-03-27 17:09:00
Missing Tools2Blackreef2015-03-25 09:42:00
0 Follow this topic Make Sackboy wet when thouching water in PS3 ver of LBP3 also!12Deleted User2015-03-25 04:24:00
New LBP3 DLC?!12Fox2015-03-24 16:45:00
Can we please get a sale on the DLC?5Khronikos2015-03-23 15:46:00
Pause Ambient sounds were creepy as hell...7Pan_Ziemniak2015-03-18 14:12:00
Quick Question on LBF5ExphyL2015-03-14 16:53:00
Is it just me?13Pan_Ziemniak2015-03-12 02:44:00
I found out someting!5Pan_Ziemniak2015-03-11 11:51:00
Levels that target certain people4Kuroneko2015-03-10 15:08:00
This isnt new17211Nickey2015-03-10 12:46:00
New Community Trend that could ruin LBP36gurren0092015-02-28 14:25:00
Anyone to play with?8gurren0092015-02-20 06:36:00
Massive oversight by Sumo Digital12THE-73est2015-02-18 20:04:00
One more noob question about DLC17Gotwriter2015-02-14 10:37:00
Does DLC ever go on sale?5Gotwriter2015-02-14 09:42:00
Disturbing new trend?9nerd_dog2015-02-13 10:09:00
A question for all of you2211Nickey2015-02-11 12:17:00
Patch 1.05 is almost live!39211Nickey2015-02-10 12:40:00
Just what happened to the Lbp community?50mr_d222015-02-09 07:53:00
PS4 Users !1GreenTea2015-02-08 11:12:00
problem with multiplayer3darthfinik2015-02-08 08:44:00
LBP3 DLC Issues3argetlam3502015-02-07 20:45:00
Wobblebolt glitch6Greesymon2015-02-03 15:57:00
Ps4 need friends1kaytoo5162015-02-01 05:19:00
I dont have any of the Move Packs tools.8211Nickey2015-01-31 14:11:00
Move Pack issues, anyone?11Rapidkirby3k2015-01-31 13:16:00
Diving in... in LBP3?10211Nickey2015-01-29 11:39:00
About the DLC....1211Nickey2015-01-29 11:01:00
Need some help finding materials10Mhx Air2015-01-28 12:35:00
A very interesting question (sort of)10211Nickey2015-01-28 09:48:00
Anyone wanna play lbp3 with me?12gurren0092015-01-26 07:26:00
LBP3 PS4 friend request that also has ps plus2pokecraft982015-01-25 11:55:00
Legit proof that sumo digital is evil and released a buggy game!19211Nickey2015-01-22 17:34:00
More proof that these developers didnt even play the game before releasing it.15Fox2015-01-22 17:11:00
Four player level.1Supercozman2015-01-21 22:18:00
Future level packs12methodactor2015-01-21 14:42:00
broadcast microchips3samuasp2015-01-20 22:26:00
Question?1211Nickey2015-01-18 11:33:00
Intro Music2Ihavedahswag2015-01-18 08:35:00
What does SD think theyre doing?!51HoustonAP2015-01-17 07:40:00
Looking for friends to play with on LBP 3 PS44Sinfully2015-01-16 10:43:00
LittleBigTalkShow 2.0: The LIVE In-Game LBP3 Talk Show16Goober18232015-01-14 14:33:00
Looking for some friends. (PS4)1ThyGentleman2015-01-12 14:16:00
Missing tools please help2Kraytz2015-01-12 13:31:00
Problem with trailers.9211Nickey2015-01-08 13:47:00
Looking for friends to play with9MOSS123452015-01-08 11:23:00
"Have You Tried: Blaming Carl?"5211Nickey2015-01-07 21:18:00
How do you come up with level ideas and designs, creators?32Fox2015-01-07 18:03:00
PS4 Trophy Help - "A guy called quest" -2Boeheed2015-01-06 23:57:00
Message to sumo21JellyBellyScout2015-01-06 18:20:00
PS4 LBP loading forever if connected internet1j8j8j8jj82015-01-05 13:39:00
Im i the only one!9peterdas12015-01-05 06:19:00
Some interesting glitches in LBP3.2211Nickey2015-01-04 01:04:00
Anyone know what "Masterwierk" (or whatever) means?5Fox2015-01-04 00:41:00
What does this level symbol mean?2p00p2015-01-02 21:43:00
LittleBigPlanet 3 Pet-Peeves4Fox2015-01-02 16:05:00
Want more plays for your community levels? (LittleBigReels)1LittleBigReels2015-01-02 15:14:00
Broken HUBS2Blackreef2015-01-02 12:07:00
Reaching at a loading point3george-demi2015-01-02 04:53:00
i need new frandss! cx2MsPuddinnnn2015-01-01 22:48:00
Custom Power-ups Megathread3theomichailidis2015-01-01 12:47:00
Profile Problems3Blackreef2015-01-01 11:17:00
Purchased costumes not showing up4sonic2015-01-01 11:13:00
Hiiii! I need some help1RESERVOIR-WOLF2015-01-01 10:22:00
Is anything being done about all the bugs?2dinorap12014-12-30 16:13:00
A few problems with LittleBigPlanet 32HoustonAP2014-12-30 13:30:00
Rage2BulletProofHUN2014-12-29 19:58:00
Newest Levels looping bug.8Aye_Jaye132014-12-29 09:40:00
Something which Sumo and MM should fix in both LBP2 and 3.1Fox2014-12-28 19:48:00
New Bug2Bowser322014-12-28 19:32:00
Is there a way to re-buy things from zom-zoms shop?4DWT123452014-12-28 11:27:00
Am i the only one that hasnt had any problem with bugs?6Jorge58792014-12-27 12:49:00
I miss levels-help please!6Minti2014-12-27 08:03:00
LBP3 is a mess... Can anyone help?14BulletProofHUN2014-12-27 02:07:00
LBP3 Frozen Costume pack dlc5Melissa20082014-12-26 11:24:00
Failed to load player level/ profile from ps31ZombieKitty2014-12-26 05:06:00
Bug report6willman42014-12-25 07:14:00
How Does DLC Work On PS43Psycho-Mask2014-12-23 15:33:00
Craftinators and Creators of LBP3! Gather around!9Hamburger HD2014-12-22 13:32:00
Where is my DLCs I Purchased?2festa2014-12-21 00:03:00
Create Mode Errors6Arcticrage2014-12-20 14:02:00
Is it possible to open the organisertron while on a controlinator?4Alex_kxs2014-12-18 18:26:00
Its the 16th. They promised all issues would be resolved by today.3Sir Green Day2014-12-16 11:50:00
LittleBigPlanet3 Secret Pins!6TreeStar2014-12-16 11:01:00
What happened to all of the tutorials? Am I missing something?5Fox2014-12-14 21:12:00
LBP3 US to EU region transfer progress9roops2014-12-13 15:31:00
The Update Did Not Do Shiz-for PS3, at least.3Fox2014-12-09 20:59:00
LBP3 PS3 Cant Join FriendPlayer Cant Find Profile Bug2FoxyTheGamingFox19872014-12-07 10:09:00
PS3 version has downgraded graphics!28Woutery2014-12-05 11:14:00
Z-Axis rotation?4krokkoguy2014-12-05 08:04:00
LittleBigPlanet 3 Game Update 1.039Kuroneko2014-12-03 20:49:00
Taking way too long2LBP--T-Man2014-12-02 18:11:00
Game breaking bug2Razorfist2014-12-02 13:50:00
How do I back up profile?5LBP--T-Man2014-12-01 12:35:00
What happend?!7LBP--T-Man2014-12-01 10:13:00
Trying to create the wheel assembly that uses the Pumpinator1Sir Green Day2014-11-30 12:37:00
LittleBigPlanet 3 is my most disappointing game of 201434Kiro2014-11-29 21:32:00
Stuck in create mode entrance, cant move.7Enjy_man2014-11-29 18:31:00
cant switch to toggle or odd sock..1blackfire6662014-11-28 15:12:00
Do they still have the sliding gel and Brain Crane?4Sir Green Day2014-11-27 12:16:00
Blaster Handle ? Rail Hook question1LBP--T-Man2014-11-27 11:05:00
Please help me4LBP--T-Man2014-11-24 18:30:00
What is the purpose of the Adventure maps?5Sir Green Day2014-11-24 16:58:00
Cant pick up stickers in community and story levels? Bug or not?12Freshita_Purpura2014-11-24 14:49:00
I need help to do marlon random mission whit 4 people1JoaoEduardo2014-11-24 12:43:00
Cross platform multiplayer?2ttreed2014-11-24 12:42:00
When is Sumo Digital going to acknowledge all the bugs etc?11Sir Green Day2014-11-23 18:47:00
Enjoying LBP3?12nerd_dog2014-11-23 17:48:00
Is anyone other then me, mad that Little Big Planet 3 got rid of the dive in feature from lbp 2?19awesomeguy312014-11-22 12:36:00
Im back.4Seleven72014-11-21 23:26:00
Guest not having unlocks5Yetiman2014-11-21 16:57:00
Black Boundary Box4spyder_212014-11-20 03:58:00
Problem with Accessing Community1John Q2014-11-19 16:05:00
Unlock Little Big Planet Content not working (PS3)3soccerkid932014-11-19 13:21:00
Popit Academy Broken?!!! (PS3)24soccerkid932014-11-19 12:04:00
Looking for friends :)3Fashion_Girl_022014-11-18 17:47:00
Unable to Stretch Screen... Help!13Vortac2014-11-18 11:12:00
Having some trouble with unlocking costumes from my LBP 2 special edition game4landmine1762014-11-18 10:56:00
LBP3 Week 1 T-shirt leaked?2Deleted User2014-11-18 08:26:00
Dragon Age: Inquisition Costume Pack PS33Enecs2014-11-18 00:51:00
PSN digital pre-order question6Realmido2014-11-16 14:07:00
Little Big Planet 3 Friends needed6Gone2014-11-15 13:37:00
More than 4 players possible by using the streaming thing?7Ayneh2014-11-13 06:15:00
Question about unlocking content from previous LBP games.4instro2014-11-09 09:29:00
Broken Beta Promises15Tomsnodgrass2014-11-09 06:12:00
Last Beta Community Levels10CodemanPSX2014-11-01 14:03:00
Ideas for a Sonic level5gurren0092014-10-30 13:07:00
Where to preorder from?4Harlzy2014-10-30 05:52:00
Excited fot LBP3!!2Littlebigbrick2014-10-29 08:16:00
Scam Artists?!9You2014-10-26 16:25:00
LBP3 = 3D!10gurren0092014-10-26 07:00:00
Question to beta testers4gurren0092014-10-18 18:12:00
Hello? any beta codes for LBF?6gurren0092014-10-16 13:02:00
Hello m8s8Apollo_6782014-10-14 17:07:00
Hey Costume/Non-Paint Art makers, heres some good news for you!10DragonRatTiger2014-10-13 19:45:00
Is social media killing videogame forums?8mr_krispy_kreme2014-09-26 00:37:00
What are you most excited about for LBP3?8mr_krispy_kreme2014-09-19 01:44:00
lbp3 leaked beta report8gurren0092014-09-11 13:15:00 - What do you hope to see improved?7mr_krispy_kreme2014-09-10 00:38:00
So about that release date..4nerd_dog2014-09-08 11:51:00
Help!17Fashion_Girl_022014-09-07 11:49:00
RIP World Peace Day T-Shirt5Fashion_Girl_022014-09-06 19:42:00
Available in Australia when?2Chrisneve2014-09-05 01:23:00
Run Sackboy! Run! What do you want to see?6mr_krispy_kreme2014-09-05 00:41:00
LittleBigPlanet Moderation FAQ1Deleted User2014-09-04 08:24:00
LittleBigPlanet 3 Facebook Page for Community Levels Showcase1TheJamster19922014-08-29 16:34:00
LBP3 Merchandise Wishlist!7mr_krispy_kreme2014-08-28 23:08:00
LittleBigGalaxy Thread!6RedPanda2014-08-26 01:28:00
Thomas was alone costume packs detailed!6RedPanda2014-08-22 10:07:00
Copied Level Cataclym1TheArchknight2014-08-22 08:01:00
How do I get a LBP3 Beta code? D:2sayer69132014-08-21 01:13:00
Pretty sure beta is out? What are the chances of you being picked?4Caseythesackboy2014-08-20 18:43:00
What small things are you excited for that arent all too important?3RedPanda2014-08-17 07:14:00
My Top five Suggestions For LBP3!3TheMorta2014-08-15 22:39:00
Could there be splitscreen in LBP3?6sonimario20002014-08-15 11:09:00
Whats the best way to get goodies for website competitions?1RedPanda2014-08-14 17:09:00
Lbp3 release2Ticktocksacks2014-08-14 16:58:00
Will we be informed of when Beta invites/codes go out?3RedPanda2014-08-13 10:24:00
How to fix LBP3 online system13gurren0092014-08-12 08:54:00
LBP3 Beta Leaks! (guys calm down its a parody)22DragonRatTiger2014-08-07 15:23:00
LBP3 Facebook Group Is Now Up!1fly8fly2014-08-07 09:31:00
Will StevenI stop picking LBP2 levels6Aye_Jaye132014-08-04 13:44:00
Do you think DLC and collectables will transfer to LBP 3 on PS4?3TJLEW2014-08-04 09:29:00
If you could make a costume for LittleBigPlanet3, what would you make?35TreeStar2014-08-04 06:29:00
News about LittleBigPlanet 3 Creative Mode!11JellyBellyScout2014-08-04 04:03:00
Lbp 3 Create4Darkrodent2014-08-03 14:33:00
Are you getting LBP3 on PS4 or PS3...?6fly8fly2014-08-03 07:09:00
LBP3 BETA Question6ULTIMATBEN2014-07-31 16:12:00
Will LBP3s story mode music be copyright protected?6fly8fly2014-07-31 09:35:00
Teleporter and Transformator2JGPLOSEQ2014-07-31 02:03:00
More Camera Rotation4JGPLOSEQ2014-07-31 01:49:00
LBP3 Level Rating System18fly8fly2014-07-30 05:28:00
Favourite LBP3 Character?7fly8fly2014-07-30 00:26:00
Question about the 16 layers.5fly8fly2014-07-30 00:24:00
LBP3 "is not" coming for ps3. Edit: Yes it is lol11sayer69132014-07-29 00:13:00
LBP3 BETA experiences5gurren0092014-07-27 22:20:00
Lbp3 ppl joining ppl limit4Ticktocksacks2014-07-26 21:14:00
Can you receive a LBP3 beta code on this website?16fly8fly2014-07-26 08:53:00
Lbp3 beta backround2Ticktocksacks2014-07-25 12:57:00
Lbp3 ideas2Ticktocksacks2014-07-25 12:27:00
Lbp3 beta item guess6Ticktocksacks2014-07-25 11:49:00
LBP3 Question23DoItypeMEDIAZzHere2014-07-24 15:00:00
Using LBP2 save data on LBP3 PS4?5fly8fly2014-07-24 14:22:00
Hyped for LBP32kiffinanna2014-07-24 13:32:00
The Community...6DragonRatTiger2014-07-21 00:21:00
Music Sequencer in LBP3?37TheMorta2014-07-15 17:32:00
3D39Seleven72014-07-14 21:34:00
On-disc dlc2Dertyde942014-07-13 22:40:00
The Gamebreaker27Seleven72014-07-12 17:29:00
In-Game Friends List9Seleven72014-07-12 17:18:00
LittleBigPlanet 3, A Cleverly Veiled Social Commentary14Seleven72014-07-12 17:03:00
Removing the "Copy" button on levels for LBP3 (Read for more info)11DragonRatTiger2014-07-08 23:25:00
LittleBigPlanet 3 Wishes45GooeyGhost2014-07-06 13:21:00
Will LBP3 have cross features with LBP Vita?3NobodyVII2014-06-30 11:26:00
Poll Masters Weekly Poll - Little big planet 3 : Toggle,Swoop or Oddsack?5Deleted User2014-06-27 08:47:00
What do you think about new playable characters in LBP3?5kubac20002014-06-27 02:21:00
How would you dress up your New Characters?2DragonRatTiger2014-06-26 18:02:00
What are you looking forward most in LBP36Lampicka2014-06-20 11:11:00
Pod Controller7Seleven72014-06-20 01:24:00
LBP3 BETA?20Sound Friction2014-06-18 13:02:00
Main Features of our 4 Characters ;)2jhonsiak2014-06-18 05:49:00
Logic?2amiel4455662014-06-17 18:40:00
What are you guys going to create in littleBigPlanet 3?40TreeStar2014-06-15 02:47:00
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