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2014-07-13 22:40:00 / Author: Dertyde94
Hello LBF people!

I'm wondering if dlc I have on my disc, LittleBIGPlanet2 Special Edition, will be importable on LittleBIGPlanet3!

I don't think so - Sony wants as many money as possible, lbp3 is on ps3, they lose enough money - but if anyone has an info on this...

By the way I've asked StevenI on Twitter a few time ago, but he hasn't answered yet.

So what do you think?
2014-07-13 22:40:00
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2014-07-14 02:46:00 / Author: dolphins-R-lame
If I had to guess I would say you will have your DLC in LBP3, because you did buy it just not online. I would say don't worry because if you don't get the DLC I'm sure tons of people will complain and you will end up getting your DLC! Haha
2014-07-14 02:46:00
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