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2014-12-22 13:32:00 / Author: Hamburger HD
Hi! I've wanted to go into serious little big planet creating for a while, but it's such a pain when i'm the only one of my friends and relatives arsed to create levels,
everyone else just goes into the first Mortal Combat level they find and then you wont see or hear much from them in the nearest hour :/
Anyways back to the subject..
I'd like to find someone to create with, preferably someone with an eye for details, and a creative mind such as myself.. humble brag :3

Currently, i got 6 levels on my moon, 5 of them are crappy levels that are just there for nostalgia and memories from when i picked up this game 3 years ago and created like crazy.
And then we have this --> fine work i did lately: Mdmc's/My Cavern of Starlight
(Sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar error, English isn't my native language)

If you've checked out my level, good! That means i've gotten your attention >:-D
I'm moving all my stuffs from Little Big Planet 2, to Little Big Planet 3 - Where i'll be going serious as i mentioned earlier. And i need YOU to help!
I already got a few projects in mind! But we'll see how it goes. And i'll always listen to what my fellow creator wants as well!

"There's no I in teamwork" - Some random quote

You're still reading? Good!
I just want to say that if you're already a bunch of people creating and looking for a friend to join you, I'd be happy to join! PM me at my PSN or reach me at my e-mail.
You can also reach me at my e-mail regarding creating with me or simply adding me on LBP so we can play! I'd be happy to meet some of you out there :3
2014-12-22 13:32:00
Hamburger HD
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2014-12-22 14:34:00 / Author: JellyBellyScout
PS3 or PS4?
2014-12-22 14:34:00
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2014-12-23 00:47:00 / Author: Hamburger HD
I'll be rocking it on the PS4
2014-12-23 00:47:00
Hamburger HD
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2014-12-23 01:02:00 / Author: kubac2000
Oh I was hoping that you're on PS3 :/

Sadly I do not own PS4
2014-12-23 01:02:00
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2014-12-23 02:34:00 / Author: Hamburger HD
I don't know, but i think cross controller is enabled, so that anyone who owns LBP3 on a PS3 can play with anyone who owns LBP3 on a PS4. But we'll see
2014-12-23 02:34:00
Hamburger HD
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2014-12-23 09:36:00 / Author: nerd_dog
it's not. if your on ps4, that means that you can only play with people on ps4
2014-12-23 09:36:00
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2014-12-23 09:48:00 / Author: Hamburger HD
That's a shame, but y'all that plan to get a ps4 can just stick around, save my e-mail adress for future purposes
2014-12-23 09:48:00
Hamburger HD
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2014-12-26 13:54:00 / Author: Hamburger HD
The link is not working, because i moved my levels to my moon. You see, i didn't get all my DLC from my PS3, PSN transferred to my PS4, PSN account, which means levels that i made containing the DLC cannot be edited or re-published until i purchase my missing dlc.. Even if i've already purchased the dlc .-.

Videos online says all i have to do is wait, so far no results, but i'll wait at least for a month to see if it's right, after that i'll just buy the missing dlc
2014-12-26 13:54:00
Hamburger HD
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2014-12-29 00:45:00 / Author: Fox
That would be cool, but I doubt that I'd be able to create with you even if I did have a PS4. Remote create mode is total torture with the lag and everything.
2014-12-29 00:45:00
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