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about the LBP Hub music gallery3CyndaCat762018-08-31 19:26:38
Started on LBP, ended up on Spotify.2CyndaCat762018-07-17 19:58:03
Composing vs. Recreating Songs5CuriousSack2018-06-23 15:25:27
LBP Sounds Copyright8CyndaCat762018-03-14 22:02:20
The LittleBigPlanet Music Collection2Renefoetsie2018-01-30 21:13:54
S O O N4CyndaCat762017-12-10 07:30:23
CuriousSack's Composing Diary2CuriousSack2017-11-09 09:21:02
Surface Album Announcement11CyndaCat762017-11-08 18:57:32
My project need music in dubstep/action direction7COB-Commander2017-10-22 00:07:59
I'm Back :) For now3CyndaCat762017-10-16 01:50:55
I need someone to make music20Lillianna2nite2017-08-01 17:32:00
LittleBigDiscography2CuriousSack2017-04-19 08:40:57
selfishly advertising trash music4Sound Friction2017-03-29 15:50:39
Thanks2Craigmond2017-02-22 02:13:01
CC76 Leaving3CyndaCat762017-01-16 23:11:37
do anybody have this music5Kukalek2016-11-20 17:52:28
Uploaded LBP music sequencers24mdkd2016-11-16 00:48:18
Can you name a good pop artist?6jackdoom2016-10-27 07:08:28
need help, dilemma! :O4War Desu2016-10-22 04:14:58
JustinArt's LBP2 Xtra Music added to YouTube2JustinArt2016-07-24 05:33:13
Just uploaded two songs to soundcloud2CuriousSack2016-07-15 13:55:11
Do you pay attention to music theory in your composing?11Tynz212016-07-08 21:33:37
Collabs? & YouTube Stuff2Sparky-Gaming2016-07-07 06:59:31
?6Dom2016-06-08 02:42:46
Hmm, I wonder why my last thread got deleted...6Sparky-Gaming2016-06-07 21:27:47
FL Studio users?7Platysynthesis2016-05-24 03:13:54
New soundtrack1mdkd2016-05-22 06:46:38
Let's make a... proposal.7Sparky-Gaming2016-05-16 23:15:34
Is anyone up to making a collab?5krokkoguy2016-05-09 22:03:29
New song8krokkoguy2016-04-26 22:11:29
Anyone interested in participating in researh on LBP music?6Starbandit (researcher)2016-04-25 10:38:20
*sigh* I don't even need to explain this11Sparky-Gaming2016-04-18 07:34:19
Want to learn how to master?3Ira_HD2016-02-17 22:42:54
Recommended Singer: Mel. Mart.4XZombieKing1999X2015-09-24 02:06:57
[LBA] Update 19-09-2015 - +420 new songs (WOOT!) and 3000rd song (WOOOOOT!)3Shadowriver2015-09-19 15:46:00
LittleBigAudio music recording submission thread3Shadowriver2015-09-19 03:18:25
First Music Gallery! Now how do I do this?7Enzo the Cat2015-08-20 14:13:14
All Time Favorite Musics!5XZombieKing1999X2015-08-12 01:11:07
LittleBigPlaylist4Enzo the Cat2015-07-29 20:49:50
Cool music videos3amiel4455662015-07-29 19:25:19
what song?3hard puzzle2015-07-29 03:07:55
Paying for Instruments20x_Emotionless_x2015-06-20 13:29:00
Topic for discussion about music-related things.8Woutery2015-06-08 02:13:00
Link to some of my new unpublished songs!18CuriousSack2015-06-03 00:56:00
Looking for a musician!9Bert_The_Sausage2015-05-21 13:44:00
Im looking for a music2Anatole2015-05-10 05:27:00
Need help on creating music on lbp3 D:13ZombieKitty2015-05-09 17:11:00
What kinds of music do you listen to?32Corrupt2015-05-08 14:37:00
Some Ideas for a Song?8sana_882015-05-07 05:19:00
A New Music Level?5sana_882015-05-06 03:51:00
Unfinished Business3SUPERSONICpsiii2015-05-03 12:51:00
Puma ignite comercial song8Psmerga2015-05-01 06:42:00
Giving credits6Psmerga2015-04-28 03:30:00
Is Anyone Alive Out There?28Corrupt2015-04-27 08:39:00
Whats your favorite sequencer instruments?21nerd_dog2015-04-20 10:40:00
How much did LBP3s Musical Improvements disappoint me?15sana_882015-04-12 19:55:00
Tips on Remaking a Song?15Jacko2015-03-26 16:04:00
VSTs, Tidbits and Other Lovely Software Stuffs20x_Emotionless_x2015-03-18 22:18:00
Some things that have always bugged me about the music sequencer.89THE-73est2015-02-21 18:15:00
Fav music 201414Sandro87082015-01-09 04:10:00
Looking for music senpai11WickedRob2015-01-01 16:30:00
Craving Something More.13x_Emotionless_x2014-12-28 18:36:00
LBFM died quickly.14Woutery2014-12-18 04:10:00
awesome 7 year old drummer playing cowboys from hell with only 1 note messed up in the first dadadada drum riff on snare1WARMAN77852014-12-12 04:54:00
Newcomers and Move Pack music6nerd_dog2014-12-09 08:41:00
LBP MS Instruments Kontakt/ShortCircuit Project11Sound Friction2014-11-29 11:17:00
Review the LBP3 Music Sequencer.23TheMorta2014-11-27 09:58:00
New sequenser instruments from LBP3!21Sound Friction2014-11-26 08:47:00
[LBA] Small Update 12-11-2014 - JMC Sounds of EverySacks and LBP3 Beta songs1Shadowriver2014-11-12 10:05:00
[LBA] Update 23-10-2014 - +360 new songs inclusing faces long time not seen12Shadowriver2014-10-26 08:11:00
LittleBigAudio is uploading again!15SUPERSONICpsiii2014-10-22 14:47:00
Spotlight #3?6Woutery2014-10-22 09:58:00
LBP3 Sound Quality33nerd_dog2014-10-21 11:04:00
Is there any way to upload the audio to music you make to your computer?8MyCool_Lewis2014-10-13 18:08:00
Level section? admin? mod?5nerd_dog2014-10-08 08:45:00
I Need Your Help! (ODESZA Remix Contest)2TheMorta2014-10-05 09:22:00
Project "Woutery" (and talk about long songs)23Woutery2014-09-10 16:13:00
Congratulations, @LBF-Music on getting the team pick!8sayer69132014-09-05 08:38:00
according to youtube music talks (in the youtube captions option)6WARMAN77852014-08-25 06:06:00
LittleBigForum Music is on SoundCloud!13GooeyGhost2014-08-23 13:06:00
trance tips8WARMAN77852014-08-22 08:24:00
My return shall be this Thursday~3SUPERSONICpsiii2014-08-09 13:52:00
Im new and started out great2Ticktocksacks2014-07-29 07:41:00
LittleBigAudio?..18SUPERSONICpsiii2014-07-28 07:56:00
Hello, some advice would be handy2WARMAN77852014-07-25 07:47:00
Can I be in a showcase? :D2Genasidal2014-07-18 03:01:00
Genre Alphabet song?4SUPERSONICpsiii2014-07-15 15:14:00
Music Gallery Suggestions?9Ray-man-3232014-07-14 12:03:00
Record my music?3Sound Friction2014-06-27 12:06:00
My musical livestream experiment6weirdybeardy2014-06-22 14:36:00
LittleBigPlanet PS Vita7weirdybeardy2014-06-18 07:52:00
LBP Music Charts5CuriousSack2014-06-16 12:19:00
Looking for some Sequencer Coaching?15GooeyGhost2014-06-15 08:59:00
New music outside LBP? Share it here!6Buddydestruction2014-06-09 01:09:00
Soundcloud32Sandro87082014-06-08 15:35:00
Hyps Music Contest21Kuroneko2014-05-29 16:27:00
Tunesday?12Buddydestruction2014-05-28 15:20:00
Who do you reccomend?6nerd_dog2014-05-28 09:49:00
Whats your style...?34weirdybeardy2014-05-27 04:09:00
Cartoon Music6Snoki692014-05-26 19:55:00
I heard a rumor...17nerd_dog2014-05-25 13:18:00
Welcome aboard the Music Community27OMGYOUWOULD2014-05-25 13:04:00
Little Big Forum Music Community Guidelines2Velvet--Audio2014-05-22 17:46:00
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