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Spotlight #3?

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2014-10-22 09:58:00 / Author: Woutery
When is the next spotlight coming out? I feel like it's time for it to be published, but it's not... Come on guys, i want to see what everyone thinks of my music
2014-10-22 09:58:00
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2014-11-03 05:02:00 / Author: JellyBellyScout
My guess is they will make one more before Lbp3 launches, so soon i hope

Or shortly after Lbp3 is released
2014-11-03 05:02:00
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2014-11-03 08:25:00 / Author: nerd_dog
Festerd didn't forget about us. It'll happen.
2014-11-03 08:25:00
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2014-11-03 12:09:00 / Author: Sound Friction
People can also play your galleries and then tell you what they think of it.
2014-11-03 12:09:00
Sound Friction
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2014-11-03 13:44:00 / Author: Woutery

Yes... no s**t, but ofcourse getting spotlighted gives me a new audience that is there to actually play my gallery. I'm not getting plays at all right now.
2014-11-03 13:44:00
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2014-11-04 05:06:00 / Author: yugnar
We'll make sure to create much more events now that LBP3 comes out, such as contests, music galleries and whatnot. Just be sure to keep posting your work around so our music crew is sure to notice it
2014-11-04 05:06:00
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