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First Music Gallery! Now how do I do this?

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2015-08-20 14:13:14 / Author: Enzo the Cat
Hello all?. I have always been into music. But recently after joining lbf, I learned about the wonderful world of Little Big Forum Music! So I booted up Little Big Planet 3 and got out the good old sequencer and got to work on my first music gallery. Then a couple songs in I remembered that I don't know how a musical  gallery level is supposed to work. So what I am asking you guys is how to make a music gallery level? I don't need sequencer coaching, but just how the gameplay should work.  
2015-08-20 14:13:14
Enzo the Cat
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2015-08-20 17:38:35 / Author: CuriousSack
Hi Enzo,

there are so many ways how to design a music level! Lots of music galleries use a menu to select the titles, as much fields as music titles, the design of the fields...depending from your fantasy! You need some logic for selecting the fields and the music and to activate it!

This is the main menu from my "Musical Glyphs (Vita)" level. Eight fields with the music titles, here activated with the touch function, in LBP3 you would select the titiles using a controllinator and a logic mainly with two selectors! Here the selected song gets activated automatically (more often you see levels where the selected song has to be activated per hand) and when activated a red frame appears around the title to show you, what song you've chosen. Its good to have a button for collecting the song and a button for leaving the level! Also some indicator how long a song lasts!

In my first LBP2 music gallery I wanted to combine some platformer scenery with my music gallery! So I created a scenery where you had to explore every ankle by using a grappling hook and you could activate a song by getting near to the activation point:

In my "Musical Glyphs (Vita)" I`ve combined the music gallery with two very simple minigames.

Here a picture of my second LBP2 music gallery! The visual design has been created by my friend attack-here, but the principle is the same: some menu with a way to select (here with the left joystick), a button for activating the song (X) and an exit-button:

here we had an additional back-button because there has been a combination of menus and submenus.

I've seen lots of beautifully designed and fanciful music levels, embedded in iCandy-sceneries or in platformer-levels, or menus only, that have been fantastic! The logic isn't very intricate, if you need help with the logic, then feel free to ask!
I hope I could help you a little bit! Many greetings, Jürgen^^
2015-08-20 17:38:35
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2015-08-21 02:39:29 / Author: Enzo the Cat
Thank you so very much! I really appreciate the help! I'm so happy I have a wonderful community to help me.
2015-08-21 02:39:29
Enzo the Cat
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2015-08-21 08:12:53 / Author: CuriousSack
You're welcome,

for the selection screen logic I can recommend you the tutorial by LBP2ScorpSkull

if the video doesn't function, then try this link:

however I would substitute the hologramm material with sticker panel material!

Many greetings, Jürgen^^

P.S. I'm looking forward to listen to your music soon!
2015-08-21 08:12:53
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2015-08-21 19:52:48 / Author: nerd_dog
couldn't have offered better advise myself, CuriousSack.

so whatever you decide to do, just be sure that you're doing what you think is cool
2015-08-21 19:52:48
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2015-08-22 14:31:17 / Author: Enzo the Cat
Thanks again Curious. I tried to make a menu, but that didn't work.  So I decided to make one platformer for every song (there's only 5). Thanks Again!
2015-08-22 14:31:17
Enzo the Cat
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2015-08-22 17:05:24 / Author: CuriousSack
Hahaha, now you've made me really curious! One platformer for each song is sounding like a lot of work! But to tell the truth: I'm also working on some one-song-one-scenery music levels, all as little movies! These are my projects called like the names of the songs:
"Mazurka" is a song in classic style, piano only, so it will be a stage scenery with a piano player dressed with tailcoat, performing the song, watched by the audience, using different camera ankles.

"Morning Hymn" is...a hymn to the morning! In my vita version it will be a wintry scenery with snow, a deer, a mole and an owl! In LBP3 it probably will be a summery scenery with a deer, a mole and an owl!

"Time Dance" will become the most complex level out of these three! A movie with a little story about a couple and some stages of their lives!

I wish you a lot of fun creating and a fine Sunday,
many greetings, Jürgen^^
2015-08-22 17:05:24
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