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2017-02-22 02:13:01 / Author: Craigmond
I started playing LBP way back when it first came out pretty much and I instantly took to the creative potential to it. Granted what I made was never groundbreaking I found it a great outlet for my more creative side. I started to get involved in the forums and as a result and found a whole new world of people who felt just the same and utilized the game to make some truly great things.

It was a long time before I got into making music with the sequencer (and longer yet before I made anything good or worthwhile). But this was where I really found my footing, I realised that making music on LBP was something I adored. Making sounds from nothing and mashing them together to make one bigger audible picture, to me, felt special. The more I tinkered, the more I learned, the more my desire grew to make bigger and better things. I have been lucky enough to have a my subsequent galleries played by - what to me - is a whole load of people. I have been lucky enough to have my songs in amazing levels. And most importantly, I have been lucky enough to receive the support of the community on my work. 

This is why I want to thank everyone who ever listened to my music, gave feedback and generally supported me. Because stupid as it may sound, that support gave me the push to continue doing what I loved to do. This is a massive thank you to the people who support the creative outlets of the people here because although it's just a game, it's a game that can lead to new things being discovered about yourself and what you enjoy which is something I've certainly found. 

On a more personal level, I want to particularly thank CuriousSack who without fail listened to my galleries and gave feedback for which I'll be always grateful. Your kind ear has not gone unappreciated.

I write thisbecause I realise now that I haven't tinkered with a note meticulously or fiddled with a songs tempo on LBP for about half a year/a year now and it's even more unlikely that I will ever go back to it. So I want to thank everyone who made my journey so enjoyable. This said, I am not throwing the towel in with music. I am just moving to a different platform. For anyone who may be interested in following that, I have linked my Soundcloud where I hope now to be posting more regularly with new material which is a whole new journey and learning process but one I'm more than willing to follow.

Without LBP, the community surrounding it and forums like this (particularly this one) I wouldn't know quite how much I love to lay notes down and make music happen so for you, the community, I am thankful and grateful. 

Thank you.
2017-02-22 02:13:01
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2017-02-22 18:46:02 / Author: mdkd
It's always sad to see members go from LBP. I'd say have a great time and good luck with your music.
2017-02-22 18:46:02
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