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Hmm, I wonder why my last thread got deleted...

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2016-06-07 21:27:47 / Author: Sparky-Gaming
Care to explain nerd and or Breezy?
2016-06-07 21:27:47
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2016-06-07 22:40:24 / Author: krokkoguy
You realize that Nerd hasn't been online since the 5th and Breezy hasn't been online since may 10th. Blaming your thread deletion on them is unreasonable to say the least. There are several moderators online frequently, and their job is to make sure the rules are followed, and your last thread was less than friendly. You probably keep hearing this, but you need to be less antagonizing
2016-06-07 22:40:24
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2016-06-07 22:46:03 / Author: Sparky-Gaming
Even though it was antagonizing, it still followed the rules. Not once did we insult each other, not once did we curse each other, we talked in a civilized manner. I disagree that it was deleted due to me being antagonizing, I think somebody's trying to cover up my proof.
2016-06-07 22:46:03
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2016-06-07 22:56:21 / Author: krokkoguy
I disagree, I think the moderators are tired of seeing their staff be blamed for unreasonable things, and that's why the thread was deleted. After all, you've had a history of hostile threads lately. If that is true, then i bellieve this thread will be closed as well. But those are just my thoughts.
2016-06-07 22:56:21
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2016-06-07 23:01:31 / Author: nerd_dog
frankly my dears, i don't give a damn


i do give a damn. i've stuck this thing out for a long time now and tried to be fair with everyone (even sparky). i do it because i know that the music creators of lbp appreciate it and that's enough for me. i don't play the game anymore. i don't make lbp music. i don't really participate in lbp related forums (though i should be on here more often because i took on that responsibility)..

i'm not here to delete stupid threads. i let the the admin decide what to do there. if you cuss or something, i may censor it and write in a warning on a post but no.. i don't do that. you can ask anyone else at this forum this

just because you say something is so over and over, doesn't make it so.

reply all you want before the mods decide to close this thread. i don't care about that. that's not why i'm here
2016-06-07 23:01:31
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2016-06-08 17:11:28 / Author: mdkd
This is kind of ridicilous. Sparky wants to be featured, because he wants to see if the music crew ignores his mood and bad words and the music crew doesn't want that.

Damn, this is childish. You should respect each other.
2016-06-08 17:11:28
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