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Genre Alphabet song?

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2014-07-15 15:14:00 / Author: SUPERSONICpsiii
I was on youtube the other day watching a video by Andrew Huang and Dave from Boyinaband in which the two made a short song containing 26 genres; one for each letter in the alphabet, in order. Now, for those who are experienced or would like to gain experience in music, this would be an amazing idea to do on LBP If I could get 26 people, or simply an even amount of people evenly divisible by 26, each person could do a genre according to a letter in the alphabet. If not enough people sign up for this, then it could be a rotation sort of collab where each person does 2 genres (13 people).

NOTE: I've been very busy lately and still am, so this won't be kicking off the second that there are enough people, if there ever are enough.

Thank you for your time reading this and I enjoy seeing any suggestions ^^
2014-07-15 15:14:00
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2014-07-16 09:31:00 / Author: nerd_dog
Sounds cool to me man. I'd be in
2014-07-16 09:31:00
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2014-07-16 09:40:00 / Author: TheMorta
As long as I get Dark-Core-Step-Tro!
2014-07-16 09:40:00
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2014-07-18 08:14:00 / Author: nerd_dog
Whatever I get, ima have to study up on genres, cuz I have no idea what morta here just said
2014-07-18 08:14:00
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