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2014-06-18 07:52:00 / Author: weirdybeardy
I wasn't sure if the music forums were the correct place for me to ask, but I'm curious about the music community in LBPV. As a "spin-off" from the main game, LBPV kind of exists in isolation, separate from the "heart" of the franchise, ie. LBP2/3. But LBPV is the only other game that allows music creation.

Lately I've shifted my focus from LBP2 to LBPV, to explore making music for portable levels in Craftworld, as well as just making tunes for my own passive entertainment. I love it. But every now and then I catch myself thinking: Why make music in LBPV if not many people are going to listen to it? If I want to share this with people, shouldn't I switch on my PS3 and leave my PSVita alone?

I like making music when I'm travelling, at home, on the bus, on the sofa, outside in the sunshine, etc. But do people feel that the LBPV music community is "less" somehow? Or is that just a matter of perspective?
2014-06-18 07:52:00
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2014-06-18 10:43:00 / Author: CuriousSack
Hi weirdybeardy,

I only can speak for myself, I got me my Vita last Christmas but I didn't create anything in Vita til now! The reason has been that I'm busily working on my two new LBP2 music projects and I promised my friends, to keep my focus on that projects otherwise they would tar and feather me! (I have to confess that I've announced these projects already in February when I thought that I would make good progress and that I would be able to publish soon!) I have many musical ideas and I will love to do some music for Vita too! But not before my projects are published! I don't think that LBPV music community is "less", but I will be able to assess this not before I've tortured the ears of the Vita players with some of my tunes!

Many greetings, J├╝rgen^^
2014-06-18 10:43:00
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2014-06-19 08:05:00 / Author: nerd_dog
Well.. I don't have a vita. I don't really know what the community is like on it but i'm sure there's some great music creators over there. The community isn't really " less " on vita, smaller but not less. And, I think if you want to make vita music then you should. The vita community needs good music too.
2014-06-19 08:05:00
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2014-06-19 12:56:00 / Author: Sandro8708
I ply mostly on vita and the problem is that nobody is intersted in music cz we dont have more than 10 creator making music on psvita wokld be good if some guys make more its hard I only use story mode music, the music they made dont fit very well in my lvls. Mostly techno

If you would make a gallery it would maybe not get a lot of attention, but a lot of people would be thankful for that, especially me, only Jarreguin and Pellemannen can make decent music what a shame.

Its you choice at all. Creating while travelling is a lot of fun. I do that too
2014-06-19 12:56:00
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2014-06-19 23:03:00 / Author: DeKa1357
It would be cool if we can spotlight some music hubs in our LBFVitaPicks! But there aren't so much music levels! The community needs more!
2014-06-19 23:03:00
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2014-06-20 06:30:00 / Author: nerd_dog
haha. On lbp2 musicians get sort of taken for granted and no one seems to really care about them except other musicians ( barely ). But it sounds like creators are begging for music over in lbpv . All the more reason to put together some good tunes on the vita weirdy.
I can think of one thing that would slow down my music making on lbpvita. lbpv doesn't let multiple people be in create mode. Honestly, without some of the support I get from friends or simply having someone to talk to while I try to put some music together, I wouldn't be as motivated to do it. That wouldn't just apply to music making either.
2014-06-20 06:30:00
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2014-06-22 11:06:00 / Author: tabycatmeow
I create music but nothing original of my own. I have a gallery where you can listen to the songs I've made but I can't share them, whole copyright thingy. I have purchased the sheet music for most of the songs that I've made, spent hundreds of dollars over the years building my collections. It takes several hours to make one good quality sequence and all a creator wants is to see their creation being used the way it was intended and maybe a thank you for spending so much money and time to give this to the community. However there isn't a lock on personally created sequences. It takes no more than 10 seconds to copy all that hard work and paste it to a new sequence that doesn't have a share protected lock so someone who didn't spend a lot of money or time or even have the knowledge to create something similar can give away your creation as there own. From that point forward they will forever be known as the sack that made that awesome song leaving the original creator to be called a copier. It happened to me when i used to give my sequences away. Until there is an option to lock it permanently to protect what I took the time & effort to create, I won't give them away. I spent real cash dollars that gave me the (copy)right to recreate something beautiful. I have always credited the artist and never claimed those songs as my own creation. So, until it has a proper lock, you may visit my gallery, download my level if you wish to hear but I can count on one hand how many people actually have one of my sequences.

I did stop creating for a long time because of the Final Countdown sequence on LBP2. I created that while PSN was dark a few years ago. Now there are a lot of levels giving it away,
i'm not mentioned anywhere. Who plays my levels when they can get it somewhere else? Nobody. What's the point of creating if nobody sees what you can create?

I have shifted my focus away from music on the vita (only made about 60 sings, most of them unpublished) and I finally got a pink ribbon! I didn't even put music on that level. Turns out, I'm super good at logic. I still make music and it sounds better than it did on LBP2 but I make it for me. At least until the community is more responsible. It would be cool if the players could have their own store of player created objects. I don't think we should use real money or anything, but instead you have to earn points or credits from their levels to buy their merchandise. Just a thought.
2014-06-22 11:06:00
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