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2015-06-08 02:13:00 / Author: Woutery

Sure, i can tell it takes some time to remove loops and things. I know that Shadowriver also does recording himself and that stuff.

But when i asked you to record some more of my stuff, you had it done in only a few days. Shadow... well, he'se taken six months or something. I can't even remember the last time i asked him to get my LBP2 music on LBA and he said "yeah in a few weeks". There is a big difference though.

I know that Shadow likes high quality audio but i also feel that if you just take an MP3 with the highest KBPS you can get, the difference between lossless WAV becomes almost unhearable. Then he has the argument that his sound quality on YouTube gets messed up if he doesn't use WAV. It's reasonable, but i've made a lot of videos and also videos for my music and if you change the settings it's definitely not a problem. And recording something in WAV and recording something in MP3 takes the same time.

Let's take an LBP-ish example here. Let's say you made a circle with 8 points (points as in the nodes you can move around with the Corner Editor). It's a circle, but it's not very smooth. It's like a really low KBPS MP3. Let's say you added 8 more points to the circle. It'll look a lot better and smoother. You add more and more points. Eventually the circle becomes filled with points. It's the smoothest thing around. You could add more points, but there's so many and it's so smooth already that it's not even going to be visible. The circle now is compareable to 320kbps MP3.

Then Shadowriver comes along and wants you to add even more points to the circle. It's not going to be visible at all because the circle is already smooth as heck, but in the end the circle will be of a sort of higher quality. He basically wants a WAV file rather than a 320kbps MP3 file. The thing i'm trying to say is that the difference between WAV and high quality MP3 is just practically unhearable! Yes, maybe YouTube is a little dodgy with audio quality but if you export with the quality high enough, it won't matter at all, i can tell from experience. I feel let-down because i spent a lot of time recording things for him and then he completely rejected it because it wasn't in WAV - besides, WAV files are gigantic and if i actually recorded it all over again in WAV, my computer would have blown up, whilst 320kbps MP3 is just as good.

Honestly, what i would want to do when i finally get started on Sackinimusic (there's other things i have to do right now that give me less time for LBP) is just unloop all songs for recording, add some tags to make them play after eachother, then i'd just let Dragonvarsity record it all by just waiting it out (and doing stuff with his controller every now and then because of the super god dang annoying screensaver LBP3 has). Then he'll get the video from the playlist he recorded converted to OGG and i'll edit it into a video. It's what i did for the first song on the Sackinimusic channel and i'm going to do that for future ones too.


Forums are purposed to create discussions - that does not mean it's only there to create happy talk. Debating and critisism also are part of discussion.

If you're watching the news and there's some awful news about cops shooting people or people fighting wars, what would you think? Would you complain? Or would you be happy about it?

I'd assume the first one. You can't expect everyone to be happy. What you CAN expect is that there will be complaints about things that have a valid reason to be complained about - such as Shadowriver being super inconsistent with LBA uploads, as an example.

I love his music!
2015-06-08 02:13:00
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2015-06-08 13:57:00 / Author: Jacko
People have lives. Just because you're not busy doesn't mean other people aren't. People have jobs, important stuff to do. Stuff that don't include satisfying your selfish butt.
2015-06-08 13:57:00
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2015-06-08 14:10:00 / Author: Woutery
And what does that last bit have to do with anything?

Yes, Shadowriver indeed has a busy life. But he definitely manages to find time to play games, sometimes LBP, sometimes other stuff. Maybe you should check out his Twitter for example which is filled with game screenshots and things. He definitely has the time for LBA. And where am i trying to get my butt satisfied? Uh, that sounded wrong.

I'm not really trying to force Shadow to work on getting my music on LittleBigAudio. What i'm saying is that i put a lot of time into his project myself by recording all my LittleBigPlanet Vita songs for him, then exported them in the highest quality i could, then he didn't do anything with it because it wasn't WAV file format. I already went into that in the previous post. I did my best and i spent time that i could've spent on being busy with a job or important stuff, you know, time that according to you is reaaaally valuable, on recording all of my songs, and he declines it for no obvious reason. His claims are that MP3 doesn't sound as good as WAV and that WAV can be put on YouTube without any audio screwups and MP3 can't.

The first claim is nonsense because as i said, after a while the difference won't be hearable. Yes, low KBPS MP3 is horrible, but i exported it in the highest quality i could, 320 KBPS, which is very high. The second claim is also nonsense. I've exported video with audio and it does definitely not depend on the audio you use, it depends on the rates and settings you choose for exporting your video, which can easily be set when exporting videos within a few clicks.

Do you see where i'm getting at?

Besides, you didn't even slightly go in to the argument i posted in the previous post. You've just decided to not go in to the fact that people are allowed to complain and you just start discussing another point. Is this a sign that you just can't come up with a counterargument because i stated undeniable truth, or do you consider me a person of low intelligence whom you don't want to discuss with? I'd expect a good discussion that stays on topic from intelligent people, you know. You're only proving that you're most likely a little kid who doesn't get the point of a forum.
2015-06-08 14:10:00
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2015-06-08 14:10:00 / Author: Kuroneko
Woutery, are you familiar with the saying : Beggars can't be choosers? If you're unhappy with shadowdriver's uploads, the easiest thing to do, is doing it yourself.
2015-06-08 14:10:00
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2015-06-08 14:15:00 / Author: Woutery
If you've been following any other LBP fansite other than LittleBigForum, you'd know that i'm trying to start up a project over on Sackinima called Sackinimusic. I'm aiming at consistent upload schedules and frequent playlist levels every now and then. So far, there's only been one song uploaded to it's channel, used for an announcement on the blog and forum news section. In all irony i am busy myself with stuff, but once i'm not busy anymore which will hopefully be soon, i'll start working on it a lot more.

The audio in the video on the channel is an OGG audio file which is compareable to MP3 but in higher quality. It's not even close to uncompressed WAV format ofcourse, but the difference is basically unhearable. You can check the announcement and the video here.
2015-06-08 14:15:00
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2015-06-08 14:29:00 / Author: Kuroneko
fr I'm not into LBP to the point checking out forums and the only reason I'm here is because of the music section.
2015-06-08 14:29:00
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2015-06-08 21:27:00 / Author: CuriousSack
Hi friends,

I'm not quite happy with the progress of that discussion, because there's a very fine line between criticism on an issue and criticism on a person! In my opinion criticism on persons in forums is inappropriate! As far as I know, Shadowriver has been one of the first to collect original music made in LBP and to present it to a public audience. So he did an important contribution to increase the significance of LBP custom music and its composers. To go in for highest quality has been an advantage for the custom music to be taken seriously. Fact is, that taking care for a project like LittleBigAudio needs some time and a lot of energy! (and if I would be in shadowriver's stead, there probably wouldn't have been much energy leftover after such a long time!) Fact is also, that there are long time periods between the updates of LBA, thats why I never asked shadowriver to record some of my compositions for LBA (maybe I have a significant lack of patience! )
@Woutery: I can totally understand that its frustrating to have invested energy to prepare the ground, so that shadowriver wouldn't have too much work to integrate your music into LBA. And then have to wait and wait without end in sight.
And then there is Hanfi1311 and his fan-site with a music collection and at the drop of a hat your music is in there!...but Hanfi is Hanfi! Unique! Uncomparable! The original!...
Your Sackinimusic project could be a fine alternative, I'm curious and I will have a look on it!
@Kuroneko: I've uploaded my music to my youtube channel and some songs also to soundcloud, but its more fun to be part of a collection like LBA or Hanfi's lbp-hub otherwise it feels like being a sheep separated from its flock!
@Jacko: Please choose your words carefully and don't offend other members of our community!

A good discussion does always respect the opinion of others even if it is contrary to the own opinion! There's no place for insults!

Many greetings, J├╝rgen^^
2015-06-08 21:27:00
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2015-06-09 09:03:00 / Author: nerd_dog
exactly right CuriousSack. very well said

there was a reason the last thread was locked.. and this thread is twice as pointless. it was made to pick up an argument that the previous thread had to be locked over. shadowdriver does a whole lot for people that he doesn't even know. and to expect him to devote himself to it like a job when he does it for absolutely free, is a bit unreasonable. and to criticize him for it is beyond unreasonable.

i don't want to see this discussion popping up anymore. it's absolutely ridiculous. This isn't just criticism woutery, this is bickering and whining.

i'm closing this thread.
2015-06-09 09:03:00
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