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2016-07-07 06:59:31 / Author: Sparky-Gaming
So, now that the drama has finally be put to rest and that I can finally be friendly, I'd like to say if anybody would like to do a collab with me on LBP3 PS4, feel free to leave a comment or profile, or message my PSN. I can do EDM, Orchestral, Ambient, and a few other things, but the main thing I ask you is that if you want to do a collab, but you make happy stuff, don't bother asking. I'm terrible with happy stuff and in the end, the song would end up terrible.

With that out of the way, let me talk about my YouTube channel. 

I've put some thought into whether I want to redo my YouTube channel and base it off of Music Tutorials and stuff like that on LBP or not. I've ran a poll on Twitter and majority said I should, but I still don't know if I want to or not. I thought that I should post it here and see what you guys think.

Lastly, just to get this out of the way.

I thank you nerd_dog for featuring me in the level for June, it was very considerate and mature of you to do, so with that, I grant not only you, but the entirety of the LittleBigForum my apologies for acting the way I did. Hopefully we may later become friends in the future.
2016-07-07 06:59:31
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2016-07-07 13:17:52 / Author: t567y-
Yeah sure. You seem to have grown up a bit. Psn is t567y-
2016-07-07 13:17:52
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2016-07-07 14:58:27 / Author: Sound Friction
Overconfident cocky person.
2016-07-07 14:58:27
Sound Friction
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