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2014-05-28 09:49:00 / Author: nerd_dog
Since I've been poking around the music community, I've discovered many talented musicians that are pretty much overlooked. So I'm going to list some that I think you should check out
DigiToast An excellent EDM musician! His style is melodic and funky. Dat glitch hop doe
meansr She is amazing at what she does! Her sound is so incredibly brutal. She is one of my favorites on LBP. I suspect her songs were created to destroy speakers!
Reblskum666 This guy!!! His songs are very creative and it would be very hard to label some of his music with a genre. He does everything from Jazz to electronic. He's a great musician and an awesome collab partner! He said something about a diminished triad and it flew way over my head
Enigma_0123 This guy has a few team picks but his music galleries get over looked a bit ( they get plays but still.. ). He's a smart musician and he makes awesome pieces of music! His style is sort of classical sounding and his compositions amaze me. There's a few pieces by him that I've listened to dozens of times. Definitely worth checking out!
Well.. that was some of the underrated people that I really respect as musicians. Who are some of the overlooked musicians that you believe deserve more attention?
2014-05-28 09:49:00
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2014-05-28 10:10:00 / Author: Festerd_Jester
Brilliant! Great thread dude. We need them here!
2014-05-28 10:10:00
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2014-05-31 17:19:00 / Author: meansr
Lel, ND, all the listed music people you have are all top-tier. I might recommend another underrated music creator. His name is Inhu. You probably have seen him and his musics. He has some fine percussive beats and a loud bass! He was one of my early friends when I first started LBP, so I highly recommend him! Btw, he was better than me when I first started! Haha!
2014-05-31 17:19:00
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2014-05-31 17:44:00 / Author: Kuroneko
Oh, I will reccomend a few people then.
JDGamez - - He makes this amazing EDM music, he is underrated in my eyes.
Eko705 - - Wow, he makes awesome music, you really should check him out.
Krikked - - Damn, one of my favorite music creator! He is totally underground and unknown, yet his music is simply amazing.
Adele_Leblanc - - She makes some music, I don't know if you heard about her, but wow.
Flamingmustang - - His music, fast-paced goodness - I swear, he really is amazing
Gabba - - Gabbagabbagabba, his music is so fun to listen to, he makes great music of multiple genre.
Jubes - - Jubes has his own style to be honest, he can really make a guitar sound great.
Gf - - He makes some crazy ambient music, few people even know about him, but damn.
Crash - - Oh my god, her guitar is simply amazing. She makes some of my favorite music
Aaron - - Although well known for his mech, his music is in complete darkness yet sounds crazy amazing.
Well, I've named the creator that in my opinion aren't known enough for their music
2014-05-31 17:44:00
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2014-07-04 17:32:00 / Author: idgowans
I know of a few musicians who could do with some recognition.

BlackPoppyAudio makes great ambient sounding tunes, good for platform levels.
Rosalina924 is fairly new and only has a couple of tracks made, but her work is very well done.
Gabbahey68 makes some of the smoothest blues ever, I kid you not.
JDGamez is underrated as heck. He makes some of the best electronic music I've heard and deserves way more recognition.
Nerd Doge is just incredibly sexy.
DigiToast makes the most wonderful beepidy boop bops ever.

Just some people worth checking out.
2014-07-04 17:32:00
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2014-07-04 18:59:00 / Author: ???
Im not a musician but I do know an underrated one that deserves some recognition. All of his songs are original and he has two galleries so far.
2014-07-04 18:59:00
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